Zig Zag Binding For The Times You Do Not Want To Be Held Hostage To A Hot Quilt!

I found this very interesting from Bonjour Quilts. ZIGZAG BINDING!  Now this is going to save me from those hot Alabama days of sitting under a quilt trying to hand bind when I can get a binding finished up in probably thirty minutes to an hour!

Thank you BONJOUR!!!  This will be perfect for my doll quilts.



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Free Pattern From Bonjour Quilts


This is one of my favorite quilt artist, Kirsty and I love her patterns. She does give you a lot of free patterns with awesome tutorials. Who does not like FREE??  In our economy today I call it a blessing. She has some pretty reasonable patterns for sale also.

Today Kirsty is giving away a kite pattern.


I want to tell you a kite story. Growing up in a small country Alabama town there was not much for us to do but ride our bikes, go to the library at the school and either the YMCA if your parents could afford a membership or go to the city pool which we did if your parents could not afford a membership and fly kites.

My brother David who is no longer with us and my cousins would go to the local 5 & 10 cent store and get several balls of yarn and David made his own kites. He also would take the balls of kite string as we called it and rolled it up on a stick. He would tie a knot that would not come loose to join the balls of yarn. That may be a reason he did so well in the Coast Guard later in life with the knowledge of the knots! I like to think of that anyway.

He would run back and forth in our back alley when the wind was going pretty good until he got the kite out of sight. All of us kids would be standing out there with our hands shadowing the sun from our eyes seeing the kite disappear. Then he cut the string and off went the kite in space. I have often wondered if a plane was flying somewhere in the sky and passed a kite. I could only imagine the look on the pilots face. Later on in years when I got older I wondered why he did not write his name on the wooden sticks and address. It would have been nice to have gotten a letter in the mail (we did not have Internet or Iphones back then) saying”Dear David, we found your kite” and it be from some far away place.  David left us in 1990. I sometimes wonder when he walked through the Pearly Gates there on the trees was some of his kites! You know kids and their imagination and at sixty three my imagination still runs as wild as it can!

Don’t you dare leave Bonjour Quilts without checking out their blog. Not only are there some great tutorials there are lots of free patterns and reasonable priced patterns for purchase.  ENJOY!!!!


I am going to make one of the kite quilts out of scraps. I think that will be just awesome. Maybe in reds. Stay tuned.




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We Do Not Have Sense Enough To Get Out Of The Rain!!! Homestead Hollow, Springville, AL

If we are in a drought there is a cure for it.  Homestead Hollow. It never fails it ALWAYS almost rains during the three day show, well at least one of the days and today was no exception.

I checked Weather Bug and it said it was not going to rain until around 2pm. Deara and I decided to get up early and be there at 10 . We were.  Got inside went down one row, got a few things we came for and then headed to the food court for our potatoes and this time taco’s.   ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE while we were eating. It started raining buckets. Monsoon time.

We finally got under the porch of a shed with a metal roof. I was doing a lot of praying. Lightening striking all over the place right in front of us. It was hitting the ground so hard I was shaking.  Finally one of the park people came rescused me. Took me to our vehicle and I got in came in the gate and picked up Deara.  Riding with the lady was like riding one of those duck things. She hit the water full force. At one time I swear it was up to the bottom of my shorts.

All in all it was a great day. Never mind we missed about six rows of crafters but we got our fried peach and sweet potato pies. I picked up two rings with mine and my husbands name on it for us and there was this Chinese lady selling her wares and if you purchased anything from her she would write your name in English on the front and Chinese on the back. I bought me a snake medallion and my husband a rooster. I was born in the year of the snake and he was born in the year of the rooster.  All is all it was not a wash out. We did have a good time. I guess the rain saved me from spending money so I can use it somewhere else!!!




I am not an Alabama fan but I do love Elephants. These were made out of forks.



Quilts by Loretta Morgan. She has been at Homestead Hollow same place as far as I can remember.








I would like to know how much it cost to get that certificate.  Colleges are so strict on crafters. They to me are so GREEDY they want every penny.


This was a hand embroidered bibilical quilt. I am looking for the pattern. It was beautiful. I want to make one on my Brother Dream Machine.


Thousands of tiny hexagons sewn together to make a quilt. BY HAND. I dont have the time or desire to do a quilt by hand. I love them but not for me.




I sent two candied apples home to someone special who helps me cut the grass!









These two would NOT let you sample the moonshine. Oh you could smell it I’ll give them that much they held a jar up to your nose. I said “that is ok.. I’ll get mine from home or Deara’s out of her copper still.”   NEVER MIND THAT WAS A LIE OF THE DEVIL AS MY GRANNY WOULD SAY. I am not deliberate doing anything illegal and no I do not have a still nor do I even have a desire to make moonshine. I would however like to have a jar of the authentic kind. Just for medicinal purposes of course.. Of course!


I need one of these down by the pond. I think it would be so fun to have one decorate it up like years ago and no electricity. Just rough it. On second thought electricity. I need to be able to watch TV or computer.



My neighbor has horses she may let me borrow one to get around town.











Not a good picture but I have one of these vintage treadle machines I am about to bring over here and restore. It is at Deara’s.




I wanted to get in that bed so badly but I was afraid it would squeak or fall and I’d get in trouble.


They hung their clothes, well what little they had on the wall.


Haunted by this old woman ghost and I believe she followed me home.




I bet there was some mighty fine meals served on this table. I can smell chicken and dumplings!


Now you know this would be hot as three hundred hadees in the summer. But I still like these clothes.





Nothing like kerosene light romantic dinners on china that no two pieces match!


Uncle Marshall and his 5th wife, Willow. I wonder what happened to the other four!

IMG_7531 IMG_7533

They did not have much but they had what they needed.

IMG_7534 IMG_7536 IMG_7538

Deara was having a blast! I love her so much and I thank God I still have her. Life would not be the same without this old bat!

IMG_7539 IMG_7540 IMG_7541 IMG_7542

I would like to know how that toilet paper got under the bridge but on second thought I probably dont want to know.

IMG_7543 IMG_7544

I can’t imagine.


Grandma Parker!




Armed and dangerous. Bonnie Parker.  That is one mean woman! Clyde was home watching TV.


I truly think I will make this a postcard or a note card. It is gorgeous. I am practicing with my Iphone taking pictures. I think they are getting better!

IMG_7554 IMG_7567

Fried apple pies and peach. I am going to learn how to make those. HOWEVER my backside does not need them I just want to know how to make them. PROJECT!


I wish I had not taken the peoples picture. This would make a great notecard. Montie I need you to work your magic with the photo editing program.

IMG_7564 IMG_7562 IMG_7560 IMG_7558 IMG_7576

This is one of the main reasons we went. Our potatoes. Never mind I have an attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer to do this and I very well may try tomorrow. We only got 1/2 of the plate down the bottom fell out with rain and saturated our potatoes. It was sad standing under a shed watching them drown.. RIP.


As my neighbor Ali says ‘YAAAAAAAAS”   Two sweet potato pies came home with me. Two with Deara. I am going to learn how to make these. You want to place an order???? I dont know these folks in the picture so I have no stores about them except they were in line to get fried pies.


One and a half for me and one and a half for Deara. Soft taco.. They were so good and I hardly ever get excited about food.


The best bud on earth to ride shotgun with you.  You could just about get her to do anything.



All hell broke loose including HAIL.  It was not enough to do any damage but it was so scary us standing under a shed with a metal roof on it and lightening dancing hitting the ground. I was doing some serious praying.

IMG_7588 IMG_7586 IMG_7583 IMG_7582 IMG_7581 IMG_7579

The pies were worth standing out in the rain for .. This was not us.

All in all I give today an A+++++  FIVE *****



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Day 2 Yellow Brick Road

Day two yellow brick road 2017

My artist neighbor Ali doing her thing. This young woman has talent! Tinman enjoying his time in the sun.

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Free Quilt Pattern from AccuQuilt


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Yellow Brick Road Part 1

Yellow Brick Road5

I got started yesterday on the painting of the sidewalk. I was rolling it at first but it was really sucking up the paint and did not look good so I decided to get down on my knees on a box lid and paint it with a brush. Yes I know this will be a lot more work but it will look better in the end.

I really like the color of paint and it is going to be the front porch floor when my neighbor Ali and I are finished with the sidewalk. Who knows maybe even a garage floor where we park the cars. Can you really tell I love this color?

Stay tuned for the adventure of the Wicked Witch and Dorothy!!!!  I just hope no Toto’s walk on it today.

This is so much fun. I hope I never grow up!!!

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Yellow Brick Road 4

Today starts the Yellow Brick Journey. Gary and I have two curved sidewalks and we decided I could paint them like the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz. I am about to be out cleaning the sidewalks getting ready for the first coat. Life is to be fun not boring. I am sure this is going to be fun and I can’t wait to see what the neighbors have to say!!!   Dorothy (Ali) where are you??????

Stayed turned for the journey to OZ with the Wheeler’s!

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Free Eleanor Burns Quilt Pattern Blazing Star From Accuquilt.com

Here is another free quilt pattern. I think you will enjoy.http://www.accuquilt.com/shop/go-blazing-star-free.html?RILT=primary1&utm_content=gosave15&lb=n&utm_source=E170429C-G-A&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=consumeremail&RIID=313323165

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