Working On A New Project It is A Mystery Of Sorts.

Working on a new project. Started yesterday. I was going to go to knitting today but it is sleeting here and it is cold so I’ll be here working on the quilt.  I’ll show you pieces of it but not going to show you the full pattern until the quilt is finished. So I guess you could say it is sort of a mystery. Stayed tuned.

DSCN9960 DSCN9961 DSCN9962 DSCN9963 DSCN9964


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Get Your Knit On With Free Knitting Patterns



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Cleaning Up My Sewing Studio To The Tune of 27 Days Of Feng Shui With Katie Rogers!

I am taking a 27 Days of Feng Shui class with Katie Rogers. We are on day two. So far I am caught up. Tomorrow may be another story.  I have gotten to know Katie over the last two years and I just adore her. She is such a nice lady, very knowledgeable and her goal for her life on this earth is to make ours more fulfilled , uncluttered and happy.  It will be a life time work in progress to get to that point but hey all we have is time. Life is a journey and you may as well go the best route on the trip. Katie is showing me that route. All you have to do is listen to her and her instructions follow them and it is true, Feng Shui your life and you live a better way of life. I am not 100 percent there but I am working on it. Enjoying every mile.

You can read more about her here

Ok to my original idea of the post and I got sidetracked. I find that I have a disorder I mean to write one thing and get totally off on another. Kind of like Edith Bunker did when she was trying to explain something. Went totally around the corner to tell you how to get across the street. Good name just came to mind. Edith Syndrome.

DAY TWO OF FENG SHUI I spent my five minutes which turned in to 2 hours organizing my long arm room and when you see it you are going to want me to stand up and say “I am Chris and I am a hoarder of fabric.”  Well that is true and not true.

How it is true is I DO HAVE A TON OF FABRIC.  I had to strike while the iron was hot. By that I mean I was at places at times when they were going out of the fabric business and I bought fabric that had been more then $5.00 a yard originally for twenty five cents. Yes a QUARTER.. $.25 .    Now knowing over the years I was going to spend my golden years and yes I can not believe I even said that.. I always scream and kick and holler I am middle aged but I am going to continue to think that, but in all reality I am in the fourth quarter of the football game and I just called a time out and going to hold that time out for at least 50 more years. I used to ask the good Lord to let me live to see 100 and since that is only 39 years from now I am upping the number.  Give me 110.

Ok see how my Edith Syndrome just appears without warning. Now back to the original post.  We have daily projects with Katie. If you want to know how this works then go to her page email her and possibly sign up for the 27 days.  This is twice I have participated and I will participate next year. It sure has helped me.  (Edith get to the point.)

Today tackled the room where my long arm which is going to be another story and my fabric and supply stash is.. it was not really all that bad but it was bad enough it was getting on my nerves. The long arm is another story. Maybe tomorrow.


I have such a great view while I am in here working on the long arm when I get unafraid of it.


This will NEVER look perfectly uncluttered which it is not really cluttered. I do not really know what to do here to hide all this? At one time at our previous home I hung up quilt tops that I was never going to use to make it not seen. Now they are in the bucket to practice on the long arm.  I wonder if I took those metal grommet things and put them in fabric cut and hemmed to fit these cases it would look better. Suggestions please.  You know that is an idea. I am going to have to think on this.DSCN9998

I am so dang short I have to have a ladder in here to get items off the top shelf. I was carrying it a country mile across the house to the laundry room and I decided to leave it in here. I am tired of bruises on the legs.DSCN9999

I guess get another glimpse of another addiction I have.. Knitting.DSCN0002

I love the way I have my fabric color coordinated to the best of my ability. Gary was kind enough and smart enough to stand up the bolts on the top so that we could get more up there and easier to remove when I need some of the fabric.DSCN0003 DSCN0004 DSCN0005

MMM what can I say? I love to knit.DSCN0006

I have tried to keep my fabric color coordinated and themed. I am a big time lover of African fabrics. You can see here. I have some pieces you can not find anymore. I am thankful I stocked up when the getting was good as we say in the South.DSCN0007 DSCN0009

My speciality fabric. DSCN0010


See how I try to keep all the same colors together? The color family?DSCN0012

I am really becoming a lover of pink and this rose color.DSCN0013

Confession time.. Shelf one and three where you see the peace fabric. I may have to go to therapy and let the therapist hold my hand while I cut anything off those two shelves. Do you all have fabric you just can not stand the thought of putting scissors to it? I do.. I need intervention.DSCN0014

Some of my blues. I got the blues.. I love BB King.. See there goes the Edith Bunker Syndrome again.DSCN0015

I see some football fabric.DSCN0016

Well hello Maxine. If anyone needs any Maxine fabric these are practically full bolts. 15 yards come on a bolt. DSCN0017

Wizard of Oz.  I have a ton of this. This will be really  hard for me to let go of. After I get a couple of quilts finished I may try to sell this fabric or some of it. However you can not find it anymore unless you find someone that bought all the bolts of the collection or almost all like I did. I told you I have a fabric fetish.  Well not so much that I just get what I like before it is gone. So many times I have wanted something in the fabric line and not gotten it only to have to spend all my time hunting for it later on and can’t find it.DSCN0018

Pizza anyone?  Take out or eat in.. Well these are pizza boxes but nothing has ever been in them nor is there any advertisement on the front of the box.  I use them to store left over blocks and pieces.You can see on the boxes I have written what is in there and I see or I think some of the boxes are upside down. I’ll have to adjust that tomorrow. I can’t stand anything that is not the right side up.  I have some more boxes over in storage at our previous home we have. I need to remind Deara to bring them over or remind me when I go over there to get them. I can use them in my sewing area.DSCN0019

BOOO BOOOO BOOO  my sister and my favorite time of the year. Halloween. I have a lot of Halloween fabric.. AND SOME GLOWS IN THE DARKS…… WWWHHHHOOOO .. is that not scary????

DSCN0020 DSCN0021 DSCN0022

Fall and some Halloween mixed. That is ok.. I’ll find it when I need it.DSCN0023 DSCN0024 DSCN0025

Three pictures of patriotic fabric. I am about to start on a quilt next week for a donation to a Vietnam Veterans meeting coming in June in Branson, MO.  I will keep you posted on the pictures. I already have enough of the fabric and I am so in love with the pattern I am going to use.. I’ll be blogging a lot about it.DSCN0026 DSCN0027 DSCN0028 DSCN0029

Gary stacked the batting on top of the bolts. First that is a good idea for several reasons. Get it out of the way does not take up space and helps keep dust off the fabric. I do not know what I would do without my Little Precious as I call him. He is a blessing.DSCN0031

I made this quilt. I plan on having an old fashioned bed turning. That is where the bed is stacked so heavy with one quilt on top of the other and they used to just flip them back to show them. I’ll stack them photograph them and put them online . I have some quilts I want to put online to sell and I figure the best way to show them is put them on this bed and take pictures. Stayed tuned. Got to run. Games on.. My favorite player is on TV! Stay tuned for more quilting adventures.  BE SURE TO READ MY MESSAGE AT THE BOTTOMDSCN0032 DSCN0033***MESSAGE***   I in the past sometimes have been intimidated about posting. I never wanted to sound ignorant or put the wrong pronunciation or ….. I so so bad at doing…  you know that thing.. Those line of periods…… But I have decided.. I am what I am, I am who I am.. I have a HS  diploma and 6 months of college. That was 43 years ago. I have forgotten more than I have ever learned. I am not a professional writer nor do I claim to be one. I try my hardest to say and do what is proper but it “ain’t” going to happen and that word is not in my vocabulary I just put it here for special effects. I have a hard time with affects or effects until I got a formula to figure that one out. So I hope and pray you like my blog and if I get on your nerves with anything I say like some of my friends who say “IRREGARDLESS” that is equivalent to hearing teachers fingernails going across back and forth the black board.I have bit my tongue so badly it needs stitches but I love them so I say nothing to them because frankly they have not asked me to correct any of their vernacular. ( you were surprised I knew that word were you not?) Please feel free to correct me. My email is and you can put CORRECTIONS in the subject. I am learning. I have two special people in my life with tons of degrees. One has about 15 letters after their name and I always turn to this person and ask “do I say it this way or that way.”  So please feel free to say to me what I should say or not say.. Until then.. EDITH SHUT UP!

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This Is Not Your Normal Post.

I am looking for someone that can take your design and enlarge it and put on fabric. I am not sure if Spoonflower does this but one time I read a post on another’s blog and failed to keep the post of someone that took pictures and put them on fabric and then quilted the pictures.

ALSO to the home crafters that do their own what kind of printer do you suggest?


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UFO Has Been Spotted In Locust Fork, AL

UFO imagesWell probably not the type of UFO that you imagined. However it would be pretty cool to actually see one of this type !  UFO = ALL THESE UNFINISHED PROJECTS I have in my sewing studio that I intend to finish this year. First I am working until Monday getting the entire studio ORGANIZED again. Why is it one day you have it spotless the next day it is a wreck?

Well after I get that straightened out, vacuumed and mopped I’ll be ready to get busy. Along with finishing the UFOs I do have a quilt that is promised by June to be a donation quilt.

So stay tuned for my UFO projects each week. I think this will be fun.  You are in for a fun ride with the aliens!

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Harry Barnett… Barnett’s Laptop Hoops

I must be psychic. I just asked a question on Facebook about quilting lap hoops. How people liked them and pros and cons. Then I found the information I was looking for in another post.

Well I have a lot of FB friends and I read a lot and came across Harry Barnett talking about laptop frames and other items custom made by him.

There is even a Youtube video you can click on and view. In my opinion these look like excellent quality hoops.  I was truly impressed with the Featherweight table top for the machines.

Harry custom designs and makes, Original quilting frames, Rug Hooking frames, Cross Stitch frames, Floor Base frames, Sewing and Thread caddies, Featherweight tables and much more.

Just go give his page a look and you will see something you need hopefully. I was really impressed.

I was really interested in the Featherweight 221 Extension Table.

Featherweight table tops

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Well not all is lazy. We designed and had someone to build us a new home and that took up a year of my time.. Moved in and enjoying the home and doing all kinds of traveling and things so I have not had time to post.

I usually post the entire month of December but I just have not been in the mood to write. No use using an excuse tell the truth or as my sister says “tell the truth Baby Ruth.”

SOOOOO Hopefully in January I will get back to my normal carrying on and posting.  Hope to see you all there.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate.. If you do not then Merry whatever is your choice. We live in a free country with freedom of religion and beliefs and I am an advocate for you to have that freedom!

Stay tuned… I’LL BE BACK!

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Stash Busting 101

I like the sound of STASH BUSTING.  In other words get busy making something simple and easy to help get rid of some of that fabric that is laying around collecting dust.

Why something simple you ask. My answer is why do everything you make you think has to be National Competition Contest. In other words why do you think your quilts or projects have to be masterpieces.  Some of the best ever quilts I have are just your run of the mill average quilts.

We can’t take them with us. So why do we make them put them up and only bring out when someone comes over to state to them how long it took to make, how much money it cost and the value it as appraised. Ok every quilt I own has a value to me. Priceless, whether it took months to make or days . Whether it was in a competition or just in my home for me to lie under it  love it and feel secure when I am using it. You get the point.So get busy STASH BUSTERS!

I found this quilt on this page and I am going to start today right now printing out the quilts and sites they come from so I can start STASH BUSTING January 1, 2015 .  Did I just say 2015?  Time is flying get to busting.

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