A Change A Coming!

Well it is that time again! What you say? Time for me to change my style.  I know what you are thinking no one changes their style.  Well you need to if you are me. My wardrobe consists of blue jeans shorts, tie dye t-shirts, blue jean shorts, regular t-shirts, blue jean shorts, thrift store tops! Oh I forgot two pair of regular jeans. Never mind I have some of the most gorgeous jewelry on earth. That does not matter I never have given a rip about clothes.  Yes you heard it right.  I wear the same things all the time. I despise winter because that means long pants. I refuse to buy a pair of old lady pants (that is what I call dress pants, they make my skin crawl) and if you catch me in a pair of capris you will find me DOA and someone else has dressed me before they come pick up the body!

I never understood the capri concept. Do you want shorts on or do you want highwater pants on. That is what we used to call the ones that had on too short of pants legs. Highwater waters!  I see ladies with them on and socks where there is only one inch of leg showing. Can not even get a drop of air in the hot summer.  Either I wear long pants or shorts above my knees .   Ok on to a style I love but I have been too lazy to embrace it. Well it is time I change so here goes.

I found Tina Givens and her clothing patterns. There are even some freebies for you. I think I will try one freebie first to see how I can master sewing clothes. I never have been able to understand McCalls, Simplicity or Butterick patterns. They confuse the ____ out of me. I can take a quilt pattern read it from from from to back assemble it perfect. I can pick up one of these other patterns my mind goes blank and I end up taking it to someone to make it for me. To me they are the most confusing patterns on earth!  Kinda like my cookbook. . I can follow them to the letter and the food is pitiful!  Pick up that quilt book and perfection!  I never understood that.

Well what you all think? Should I give Tina Givens pattern a try ? I think so . I love the styles and seeing the beautiful clothes her models wear. If you see me in the store do not know who I am because I do not have on that pair of shorts with the hole in the back of them where I sat on a nail and I refuse to throw them away. Afterall people pay big bucks for jeans and such with holes in them and a tie dye well just come up and see if it is me!  I think a change is coming seriously! ( I just had a lady tap me on the shoulder this past weekend and tell me “honey I dont know if you know but you had a tiny rip in your pants.” I am like “yes this is on purpose, just be glad you do not see flesh.”  Today I cut a few more pieces out of the front and side of the shorts so they will think it was bought on purpose. I kinda like it , colored underwear and it makes for an interesting conversation.

Life is too short to be boring. Yes my husband has his hands full but over the last 29 years he has gotten to where he just goes with the flow!!!


Check out Tina’s entire website.

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Learn To Free Motion Quilt For Free!

There is a site I love very much and the genius behind is it Lori Kennedy.  The Inbox Jaunt.   Here you will learn the easiest way to free motion quilt even on your home domestic machine. Yes you do not have to have a long arm to do this. You could even use these tutorials to hand quilt.

I have mastered the spool of thread. In all my items I quilt on the long arm I sign my name and put a spool of thread!

I think you can learn a lot from her. I plan on practicing in my Brother Innovis home machine as well as on my Tin Lizzie.

One more thing. If you sign up for her emails you will get ONE a day which I look forward to that one. I have a folder I save and I can go back and look over the illustrations over and over. They are about the best yet.


Spool design

Lori Kennedy’s spool design from The Inbox Jaunt. This is easy and one of my favorites to do.

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Missing Me?

Fish at Doctors office

This fish is at my eye surgeons office. It looks like it has teeth! (it was gone one of my visits, it got constipated and had to go to hospital!) I cracked up at that but sure enough it was fixed right up and brought back. It sure makes time fly watching “Big Bird” as I call him or her!

I trualy hope you have missed me!.  I have not had much to say for a while. Nothing bad going on I have just been through a lot.

Four years ago April I was at Whole Foods in a local town, I quickly turned my head to see if my husband had closed the trunk of the car. When I did I had all kinds of 3D snakes and other items in my eyes. It looked like I had taken a black magic marker and just wrote all over the place.

I sat in the car and it stopped in just a few minutes. My husband was waiting on me to back the car out so he would not step in water and he could not figure out what was going on with me sitting there reaching all in the air. You know how it is when you see something in 3D you always reach for it. It left, we left and as I turned my head later on down the road to see if the cars were entering the highway from a side road a flock of birds flew over. Well in my eyes they did.

Since I was in my early twenties I have been warned about these symptoms. Seeing a flock of birds, looking like a million gnats, a curtain coming down over my eyes, looking like I was looking through a photo negative. If I saw any of those I needed to see my eye doctor or better yet head to the Eye Foundation Hospital ER.

After a few more minutes the birds left so we went home and I did not have any problems the rest of the day and night. But to be sure I did not have anything else (you know you always think the worst brain tumor) well I decided to go to Schaeaffer the next day.

Retinas were trying to detach.  Seems like I always have to have something extra heavy. My Vitreous is extra heavy and it was trying to tug on them, pulling them loose.

To make a long story short I waited a year to get it fixed. The doctors watched it and it was ok. Well I went in the following April to have them glued down basically. I got an eye full of clouds for floaters. It looked like those old black and white horror movies when the clouds were floating in front of the full moon.

Here is what I have had done for the last three years.

Retinas permanently glued down, Macular peel,Vitreous removed where they took out the gel replaced it, that made the floaters leave with the help of a very fine needle. I saw the needle. The doctor showed it to me. It was nothing about like an eyelash.  Cataract surgery and implants to make me have 20/20 and not have to wear anything but reading glasses.

January and February of this year I had a surgery each month. I decided not to wait another year to get this fixed. I am so glad. I have had a lot of trauma to my eyes but I tell you to date I have had ZERO pain.  Never fear cataracts.  Consider it a blessing. Your eyes will be fixed so you never have to wear glasses for distance. Now up close I can not read anything without my reading glasses. So far I have been so vain as to get those chains to put reading glasses on them. Well when I forget my glasses in the store I could be buying a possum for all I know, long distance vision I can see a mile down the road or so it seems.  I do not drink soda. I have not in seven years.   I was so hot last week out and about I had been working at my Aunt Jan’s home and I was scorching hot. I went in to a store to get something and I wanted a Sprite. They were out. So I picked up a Mountain Dew thinking after trying to read the label which is absolutely impossible but I “thought” I made out 7 grams of sugar. Oh this was ok. I was going to be ok with seven grams.  I purchased it got out to the car turned it up and almost spewed it. SEVEN GRAMS this sweet. Found my reading glasses SEVENTY EIGHT GRAMS!  Window came down drink poured out!

So that is what is going on with me. I have not touched my sewing machine since November. I never sew during December. That is my birthday month and I take the whole month off celebrating!!!!  I am ready to get back to my machine this week.  I hope you all have missed me!!   I have been reading and studying about what I am going to do when I start back sewing.

One is getting my Tin Lizzie back to humming. I have missed quilting on Shug.

Here is a blog I read and get emails from daily. A lot of good tips on using a long arm and you could even use the designs on your regular sewing machine.

It is good “see” you all! Please come back again




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I want to believe UFO picture

I get a bazillion(is that a word) emails a day. Some are junk and some are treasures. The ones I receives from All People Quilt are treasures.

Here is a wonderful suggestion to eliminate UFOs. It is called the 2015 UFO Challenge.


I am up for it. Who knows I may be able to finish more than one a month. I have found that if I have a list I can check it twice see who is naughty  oh wait that is another season another time. I have found if I have a list of things I want to accomplish it is much easier to do one mark it off and go on to another one.  I also try to make myself do the one I dread the most get it out of the way so I can go on to ones that I enjoy.

Hope to see you eliminating the UFOs of your life!

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Julia’s Needle Designs BIG SALE $1.00 Each For A Limited Time


Awesome machine embroidery patterns. About the best I have seen to date.  ON SALE FOR $1.00 each  for the next few days.

Go shopping while you can. The patterns were originally $10.00 each.  Did I mention there is a lot of free ones also?

Now is the time to stock up for next years projects.

My friend Linda has been trying out the patterns she purchased this week. They look awesome!




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Lady Jane Quilting

Heart be still.  Quit fluttering!

You know how from time to time we hate social media?  I know I do.  However one good thing that came out of it was me meeting Hester Helena Jeffrey on social media, a purse picture brought us together.

I am not the norm when it comes to having to walk around with a purse that totally matches my shoes and accessories. I sometimes get a glimpse of me in a mirror in a store and think “you look like a rodeo clown.” I just about will have anything on. It does not matter. I make my own style. Well I am now going to be styling with these purses. Notice I said PURSES  that means I am getting more than one.

She produces all this beautiful art from South Africa.  Here are her blogs. Go look and shop. You can just even go look and not shop. But I am willing to say you will want to shop.



Here are the pictures of a few of the purses.  One is mine. I can not wait to see which one and for it to arrive here in the United States. My goal this year is to only buy things from artists. We all can have something from a big box store that everyone on earth is walking around one but it is special to be walking around with an item that you have the only one in the world. Well the design anyway. Million purses can be made but two will not have the same design on the stitching. Oh do not be like me.  “Oh I love this one” only to find out that the pictures with the pockets are the backs of the purse. Sometimes I even amaze myself at what comes out of my mind. So when you see a pocket it is the back!!!

Denim Bag 4 back Denim Bag Back 1 Denim Bag back 2 Denim Bag Back 3 Denim Bag Front 1 Denim Bag Front 2 Denim Bag Front 3 Denim Bag Front 4 Denim Bag in Process

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The Inbox Jaunt Free Motion Quilting Tutorials


Daily I go drool and practice on the free motion tutorial examples on Inbox Jaunt. I think you will enjoy this site.  I have started journaling and adding some of the practice doodle to my journal. VERY good site.

On every quilt I finish on the long arm the last thing I put is the thread spool design I learned how to make here. That is kind of my signature.


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Designs by Juju


Click above for great machine embroidery deals on designs.

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