Free Mermaid Sewing Patterns From So Sew Easy Website


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Free Wallet Patterns from So Sew Easy Website

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Free Clear Bag Patterns From So Sew Easy Website

Here is a site to go to for 50 plus clear bag patterns.  I love free patterns.

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Well I Am In The Mood!

To get busy today to start getting the cases stocked for the Blount County Quilt Show that will be the last Saturday in October.  I have bought suitcases at Estate Sales to fill up to roll in to set up my booth. So much better than carrying boxes and tubs in. Plus easy storage. Just put them inside each other and you have one case to find a place to store.

I am fortunate to have a booth there. We just need to have the rain hold off.

Today I am working on small tissue holders. I will post for you later today!

Hold me to it!

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Free Oslo Craft Bag


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I Have A Question

I have a question. Do you not just hate that? It is always someone wanting something.

I had an idea and wanted to see how it was going to work if at all.

I thought it would be nice if we participated in a group project. For instance, five people wanted to participate. We decide what we want to do like maybe a small wallhanging. Then we pick one each we would like to make and post the pictures here and of course give credit to the person who designed it and we vote to see which one we ALL are going to work on. We could even trade blocks with each other to make it more interesting, or trade the entire project.

Our choice could be anything. We would vote and whatever won we would work on the project.

Does that interest any of you?

You can leave a comment here or email me at Put project in subject!

Thanks and happy creating!

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Free Quilt Patterns!

Here are more free quilt patterns. The designer used patriotic colors but you could use your imagination and do just about anything.

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Free Quilt Patterns

Here we go again. I found another site with free quilt patterns.

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