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Rolling On The River… Just Call Me Tina Turner!

Well not exactly rolling but on a riverboat.. The Delta Queen in Chattanooga, TN. Gary decided to book us a room. We went yesterday. It was a really nice day to drive, warm and close by. We arrived, the boat … finish reading Rolling On The River… Just Call Me Tina Turner!

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I Have A Wonder Wizard!

  I can hear it now “has she lost her mind?”  No sure have not even though sometimes I wonder myself. I believing in sharing good things. Carol Logan Newbill my Webmaster. I wish you would take a look at … finish reading I Have A Wonder Wizard!

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More Free Patterns From Hoffman Fabrics

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A Great Tutorial by Sue Bleiweiss On Fabric Dyeing.

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Recycled Art By Jane Perkins

I found this beautiful work of Jane Perkins. I think you will love her work. I know I did. You can view it here.  

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Another Way To Use Up Those Old T-Shirts. Crochet you a hug a mug!!!  Starbucks here we come!

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Quilts From Photos Take your favorite photo and have it turned in to a mosaic quilt kit .  I found this very interesting and I may try this out myself. Click on the above link and read all about it and it … finish reading Quilts From Photos

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Free Pincushion Pattern Sites

I am always looking for great sites and items and as you all know I love FREE PATTERNS. I found some pattern sites for pincushions.    

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