Bite Off More Than You Can Chew!

Isn’t this great? IF we could stick to it. How many times have you gone to a restaurant and your eyes was bigger than your stomach? Why do we bite off more than we can chew then on some things we take baby bites?

How many times have you been afraid to venture out and do something? Well I have been taking baby bites lately instead of biting off more than I can chew. This is coming to a halt. I am about to fill my plate to the rim and get to chewing!

I have a Tin Lizzie I bought four yes four years ago or maybe five. The lady that taught me terrifed me. I have since named her the Tin Lizzie Terrorist.

I think she was really insecure and to make herself look better she had to make it really complicated.

Well guess what.. I have about 10 practice cutter tops that I bought years ago for another project and I am going to use them to practice on.

NO MORE AM I TAKING BABY BITES WITH MY TIN LIZZIE. I call it Shug. So look forward to “Adventure of Shug” coming to a computer near you soon! By that I mean I am going to post adventures here so that way I will be held accountable.

It is awful to be so afraid of something that you just walk around it daily like it was a rattlesnake. If it were not so far I would go to where the Tin Lizzie Headquarters is and take lessons. I do not fly so I would have to drive. That just leaves me with figuring it out on my own.

So take that, Tin Lizzie Terrorist!!! I will forget everything you told me that day in your very hard class and start fresh. I am ready to bite off more than I can chew! How about you?




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2 Responses to Bite Off More Than You Can Chew!

  1. Toni Anne Potter says:

    As a gift to myself (after breast cancer), I bought a Nolting Hobby Quilter with a frame. That was 2007, I’m also afraid of it overwhelmed really. It’s so terrifying, I’m not smooth like the people on Utube. I get loopy’s on the bottom sometimes, then I get very discouraged. I’ve quilted a few things, not confidently. I’m there with you, good luck with Shug, I’ll be cheering you on!!!!! ;-> Toni Anne

  2. As with everything, it is practice and I know you will love it, once you start trying. I would love a long arm, but not in the budget. I had a teacher like that with piano, gave up after the first lesson, he was just mean, lol.