Bowtie Quilt Pattern

Well you all know during the summer I am quiet as a church mouse! Between swimming, cleaning house,gardening, grass cutting, trips and playing on the computer I do not have much time to blog.

Lately I have hit a dry spell on things to say. I hope this is coming to an end. I miss blogging.

Today I was cleaning out some of my old emails and things I have saved and I have decided to post great things that I have found here.

I ran across a Quickie Bowtie Pattern

You can go to the above link and get the very easy pattern then enjoy the different ways you can do this simple block.

I did Google BowTie Quilt Patterns and this came up with over five hundred thousand images. It think you should find one pattern you would like to make.…775.5002.0.5529.…0.0…1ac.PqKdHDHLfy8All you have to do is click on a photo of a quilt and it will take you to that persons site where you can get more information.

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2 Responses to Bowtie Quilt Pattern

  1. I like to do searches on google and use images, then I can see the photos and if it interests me, then I can visit the site.


  2. chris says:

    Yep I spend a lot of time doing that myself!