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Harry Barnett… Barnett’s Laptop Hoops

I must be psychic. I just asked a question on Facebook about quilting lap hoops. How people liked them and pros and cons. Then I found the information I was looking for in another post. Well I have a lot … finish reading Harry Barnett… Barnett’s Laptop Hoops

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The Fons Girls Instructions On Getting A Perfect 1/4″ Seam

Join the Fons Girls, Maryanne and Mary on how to determine if you really are getting that perfect 1/4″ seam.   1/4″ seam is the bedrock of “good” patchwork!

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Gees Bend Quilt Kits

I only have a few left. You can go to original post  and see what is still available. Then you can click on my shop, then Fabric/Kits and go to order. Pay Pal will charge you $5.00 shipping but … finish reading Gees Bend Quilt Kits

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Happy Birthday To Hubby. A Cool Police Car Cake!

My husband Gary loves old police cars. He has never been connected any way to the police in any form or fashion. He just loves the cars! For his birthday this week I decided to go on a mission to … finish reading Happy Birthday To Hubby. A Cool Police Car Cake!

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UFOs I Want To Believe!

I WANT TO BELIEVE Today I am going to finish the stained glass pattern in the Turning Twenty Books.  I do believe if I had my days to go over I would not have bought any books but Turning Twenty … finish reading UFOs I Want To Believe!

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January 9, 2013 These Boots WERE NOT Made For Walking!

  I have a new purse. Made out of a pair of boots. I love Absolutely Alabama on Fox 6 our location station with Fred Hunter. Fred is about the nicest man you will meet. He came to The Blount … finish reading January 9, 2013 These Boots WERE NOT Made For Walking!

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Funky Ladies Studio

Yesterday I mustered up enough energy to head out to Homestead Hollow in Springville, AL.  I guess after having a lazy summer of just swimming and doing whatever I wanted to do it is trying to roll over in the … finish reading Funky Ladies Studio

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Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Information

Well great news for Birmingham, Al.  The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo will be at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center, September 20-22, 2012. Here is a link to the information about the show. Shopping and classes. I can’t wait … finish reading Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Information

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