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Are You Suffering From Cradle Cap? Diaper Rash?

I bet some of you think “she has lost her mind.”  Well I have not…yet.. I get a lot of emails daily. Some junk some very informative. I do not know about you but I am always looking for an … finish reading Are You Suffering From Cradle Cap? Diaper Rash?

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October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  Would someone please find a cure before I grow boobs! On a serious note. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please if you need a mammogram and have not gotten yours for the year or ever had one. Do … finish reading October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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100lb Weight loss

Meet Stephen Vinson of Birmingham.  Stephen used to weight 632 lbs. Trent, his friend challenged him to lose 300 pounds by April 2010 Talladega Races. Trent said if he lost  the weight he would treat him to an all expense … finish reading 100lb Weight loss

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