Here’s your walking cane my lady!

Do any of you remember those plastic candy canes that were full of hard candy, you know the bottom was plastic and the top that curved was  styrofoam sprayed red?  I even think there was some type of velvet ribbon going down the plastic to make it look like stripes and a plastic poinsetta tied around the top.

In the 6th grade, in Mr. Kirkpatrick’s class we drew names. The person that drew my name was a boy but I did not know that at the time. Back during that time the majority of us did not have a lot, some real less than others. Well I won’t name this person because I don’t want to embarrass him but they even had less than my family did and we were pretty bad off.

The “boy” that drew my name brought one of those candy canes. It was under the tree unwrapped. Mr. Kirkpatrick gave us a party and after that he told us he was going to let the boys give out their names first.  I anxiously awaited to see if I was in that group of first gifts. When it was the “boys” time he walked up to the tree and picked up the cane and walked down the first row to the back. Yep it was for me.. I remember him saying “Here’s your cane my lady!” I could tell he was embarrassed of his gift but I smiled took it and thanked him.  Every Christmas from that day back when I was in the 6th grade I think of him every time at Christmas when I see those canes in the stores. It was a sacrifice for his family to even purchase that small gift.  Now today the person has a good job, good wife and did well for himself.  I thank him for the memories of those Christmas Canes! I think about him every Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE DELIVERER OF THE CANE TO THE LADY! Yes I really did like it!

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  1. Gene Black says:

    Just go on and make me cry this early in the morning.

    I remember a similar Christmas gift exchange. My gift from a girl whose family didn’t seem to have as much as we had – which wasn’t much either. Sadly, I didn’t appreciate my gift until AFTER my little brother claimed it. Then I realized that it wasn’t expensive but it was a fun gift.

    That little girl gave me the gift and looked so HAPPY to be giving it. I will always remember her joy in giving – To me that IS Christmas. (and now you know why I cried when I read this) I wish I knew what happened to her. I would love to tell her that the real gift I got that Christmas is a vision of the JOY OF GIVING.
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  2. What a sweet story!
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  3. chris says:

    Gene I am sorry. I did not want you to cry. I won’t ever forget that Christmas. The other kids were getting cars, and the girls those plastic necklaces things with the perfume for kids, puzzles and all kinds of stuff. I got a candy cane. I know you know the kind I am talking about. The look on his face told it all. Mixture of embarrassment and happy like he had just gave me the Hope Diamond!

    I will always treasure that day. You know I should have started a tradition of giving those out at Christmas with the story attached. That really is the true meaning of Christmas to see the joy on the face of the person giving the gift. What is it?? It is better to give than receive? I know I love giving and doing things for people. It makes me feel so good .
    Now you email me off the blog and tell me what your mystery present was!! Merry Christmas and here is your Christmas kiss..

  4. Jocelyn says:

    What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful Christmas memory.

  5. Deara says:

    What a lovely Christmas story, brought tears to my eyes. I hope the young man knows how much you appreciated this gift. He sounds like a very sweet person, as do you. Do you ever see or hear from him? And he called you “My Lady”. How cute!!!!!!!