I Am In Love And Her Name Is Lizzie!

Yep I sure am.  Lizzie is one fine woman!  For all that know me and have just about flatlined, it is my Longarm quilting machine I bought two years ago and walked around it like it was a rattlesnake about to strike.

I finally decided that is was time I grew up and faced my fears head on. I got in touch with Sherry, the lady that lives in Huntsville that teaches the classes at the shop, Huntsville Sew and Vac, Huntsville, AL  where I bought it. I scheduled my class and off Gary and I went today.

I am proud to say it went fine, I understand the machine  and I am going to be trying to quilt this week here at home.

Today I free motioned, which is where you do not follow a pattern you just do what you feel like. My choice was loops, butterflies, and flowers. I had a blast. It was so relaxing.  I still have a lot more classes to take before I really feel like I am confident.  Practice, practice, practice. That is what I am going to do.. I will do this. I can, I can, I can.  The name brand of the machine is Tin Lizzie. Yep it is for real!  So I am calling mine Shug. We had Great Great old maid aunts, Emmaline and Lizzie Taylor who loved to quilt, sitting on the front porch , dipping snuff and talk about everybody who drove by. Hey that sounds just like my kind of women! Aunt Lizzie was known as Shug. My machine will be Shug. I will keep you posted on the “Adventures of Shug.” 


My pretty baby quilt I practiced on. 


The “Liz” 


Look at this cute little boy that was using the machine..Oh wait, that is me!! With my little boy haircut! I really was concentrating. Usually I start cussing if anybody is taking my picture, but I was so busy concentrating on my project I did not notice Gary had my camera snapping away. 


I gave this bee a fancy body. Something for him to buzz about to his friends. Be the envy of the Beehive!


What kind of garden would you have if you did not put a thread flower in there?


Sherry made this daisy for me. Dont you just love it?


I went “qwasy” and made all kinds of squiggly stuff.


Some more of my “art.”   I like it.


Yes I know I should have had beige thread for the back to blend in. I did this for a couple of reasons, one I left home without my bobbins, two I wanted a light color so I could see my design. This is my practice quilt and I wanted to see how my stitching and designs looked. The next one I do will have coordinating thread on the back.

Thank you Sherry Spivey for taking time to teach me and Gary for taking me and staying with me in Huntsville . I do better if someone is with me. I don’t like going by myself.

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4 Responses to I Am In Love And Her Name Is Lizzie!

  1. chris says:

    Oh you are too funny. I have about 50 more classes before I would even think about doing someone elses.

    How is your quilt coming along? If you are using the quilt on the cover of a pattern to sell you should really get Susan at the shop in Boaz to do it. She will do is so wonderful and reasonable that it will make your cover be outstanding.

  2. Pokey says:

    I’m so happy for you, Knowledge is Power!! I don’t have a long arm, but I do have a Grandquilter on a frame. It is so-o coool what can be accomplished quilting on a frame. I do have a dream of owning a long arm machine eventually, but I am glad for your biting the bullet, and taking those classes – YEA!
    Pokey´s last blog post ..Blogging Buddy Giveaway Snowladies

  3. Deara says:

    I’M IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks GREAT to me. You
    probably are the only one that can see a/thing
    wrong. I can look on the back of a quilt and
    won’t know if it’s “supposed” to look like that
    or not and really I don’t care. Glad you decided
    to dive in!!! You’ll do fine.

  4. Joyce N. Ingram says:

    Proud of you for getting with the “Lizzy” and getting it done. You are a great quilter.
    Love it and YOU.