Well Another One Bites The Dust!

Linda and I eliminated another UFO today. Well actually two.  The day was a gorgeous day. I could not hardly wait for her to get here.

Last night I took a child quilt and tested to see how Lizzie was working. Worked very well thank you.

This morning I cleaned up the machine, oiled everything, loaded her quilt for today on the machine.

Agent Wade got here and after looking at a few patterns and talking about what was going on during the week she started to quilt.  LIZZIE STARTED ACTING UP LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN.  I started working with the top and bottom tension and after a while she was back on track. We threatened to send her to the dump with the rats. That straightened her up.

Every few minutes I went in with my mirror and looked under the quilt. It was equivalent to a cheating spouse. It was going to take a while before we could trust Lizzie again. She did not let us down. I used the mirror to look under the quilt to see how the bottom tensions were doing. They started looking pretty go so I gave her some slack and only looked at her every ten minutes or so.

Well if you have noticed the posts here mostly have been about Linda’s work. I had a UFO that I was trying to get finished so I could put it on the frames. I did. I finished today. Tomorrow I will clean Lizzie up again and start on quilting.

Well right during the middle of the quilt Linda wanted to quilt a bee. She tried on a place that would not show if it did not work out and she did not like it so I drew on with erasable ink and she went over it with the machine. Just as I finished drawing it she said “Oh I needed it upside down.”  I wondered why.. Well to make a long story short DING BAT here loaded the quilt with the bottom at the top and the top at the bottom.  She did not want to tell me so she took the challenge and quilted the quilt backwards. Did very well if you ask me.  Now granted it would have only taken about five minutes to pull out the pins reverse the order in which it was but she just decided to take the challenge.  VERY GOOD JOB. I will be paying attention next time.

Here is my project you will be seeing in a few days. Lets just say those 1000’s of tiny pieces I sewn together just about got the best of me.


Linda’s project loaded UPSIDE DOWN. It was a Bargello heart and she started quilting at the bottom point instead of the top. Oh well it worked out. We float our tops. I like that much better than having to load that bottom pole.  You can work out errors if needed when you float or so we have found out.


Up close of her designs.  DSCN0111

She had to quilt all these designs upside down. It would have been hard right side up but extra hard this way.DSCN0100

It looks good on the bed we use for the photo shoots.DSCN0105

You have to admit. Pretty dang good.  Now I can not wait until next Sunday.  DSCN0104




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Not Your Typical Log Cabin Quilt.

I think that is what Linda oh I mean Agent Wade called today’s project. It is not your typical log cabin but it is as beautiful as you can imagine.

This week has been a week of sorts. My machine messed up worse than you can even think of. Between Google and whatever else I could find, Jamie Wallen and all the best of the best of the long arm quilters I finally think I have the tensions pretty well set.

Yes it even meant a trip to another town with my pieces in a bag to show the technician and get some idea from the long arm doctor as to what to do. I continually work daily on it. I believe before it is over I can go to work for Tin Lizzie I have gotten to know that machine so well. You know my father was a sewing machine mechanic. He also could put the best zippers in clothes. I guess I have it in my DNA. I do wish I could take Tin Lizzie training so I would know how to do everything perfectly in tuning up my machine.

Well here it is along with pictures.

Linda is really working Lizzie!




I really like this block.DSCN9990


I bought this from my neighbor this weekend at her awesome garage sale. It is a cigar box.DSCN9991



It is going to hold a lot of bobbins and supplies.DSCN9992


I have been working on these piano keys. There is enough here for ten piano’s or so it seems.DSCN9993


This is my project. You will see it soon very soon.DSCN9994

Here is Linda’s beautiful quilt. Thank goodness the machine did not give us one bit of trouble today.DSCN9996


The back of the quilt. I am in love with this fabric. (she gave me the scraps after I shamelessly begged.. Well I did not beg I just stated how crazy I was about it.)DSCN0001I have a lot on my list to do this week along with working some sewing in the mix. Stay tuned.  As always THANK YOU for reading my blog.



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Quiet As A Church Mouse

Church Mouse

I wonder who came up with that saying? I sure would not want to be in any church that had rats. I laugh saying that because my mother never said mice or mouse. She would say “do not eat all over the house we’ll get rats. Do not take that food to your room you wanting a rat? If you do not put that food up in the refrigerator we are going to get rats, get the crumbs off the floor we going to get rats.”  Well that would have been one way to get rid of me, let us get a RAT!

Well I have been quiet as a mouse here at our home. One my machine has been acting up and I think I have most of it worked out. The owner of a company that is not far from here is going to come down and give it a much needed check up.

Agent Wade and I did not have time last week to get started on a big quilt. She had a “date.”  Well she and her niece along with some other folk went to the Comedy Club in Hoover AL.

She will be here tomorrow and we will be back on our projects. I have one I want to finish as soon as possible so I can work on another one and then when that is finished HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS it is going to be a ride and a half. I have a million ideas in my head that I can not unleash just yet because I am trying to get finished.

Then there are several other non quilting projects going on now. Nothing bad all good.

Summer is here, grass is growing, fish need to be fed, pond needs fertilizing and last but not least it is summer. Time to day those trips. I like the one day ones where you go and come back in the same day.  Some of those in the future.

I was thinking a few day ago while I was on the lawnmower, that is where I do my best thinking and praying that life is so short. Here I am almost halfway to 62. Where has time gone. It was just 1972 a few weeks ago when I graduated from high school.

Oh well just enjoy every second of your life and do what I do. I get up every morning thinking “what can I do today that I will not go to jail for.” In other words find you something fun and out of the box normal for you and do it. You never know you may just like it.

Until tomorrow and the next project, have a blessed evening or day depending on where you live on this beautiful earth.

Namaste, Peace, Adios..   However in the world you say goodbye until next time.


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Another UFO Bites The Dust.

I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoy Sunday’s.  It is mine and Agent Wade’s day to spend together.  She is a delight. My husband Spanky also participates in the action if nothing more than being in the sewing room using his computer and watching TV. Just the fact he decides to be “one of the girls” for the day. He is a wonderful husband.

Yesterday was a fairly good day. We did have some issues. First I was starting a UTI and we all know that is not a good thing. I got that under control really fast. I felt terrible but I trekked along. It had been two weeks since Agent Wade had been here eliminating UFOs and I was determined to enjoy the day. I did.

She brought her son’s quilt and for the record we’ll refer to him as “J.”   Well as she worked on J’s quilt we discovered several things about our Tin Lizzie 18 LS. One she does not like old thread and I do not mean really old just a few years old and two she did not  like Agent W’s Alabama quilt. Do you all think because this is an Auburn University house and Lizzie was working on an Alabama quilt she decided to cut up!!!

I think it was a variation of a couple of things. The King Tut thread I have had for several years and then the fabric some of the pieces was not  100 % cotton. The tread broke about twenty times we adjusted tensions time after time and then after she finished with her beautiful quilt for J we loaded a practice test piece on it and it worked like a charm. Go figure that one. So we just assume it was the old thread since on the practice piece we changed threads and the type of fabric.

Well we got through it and I always prepare us something for dinner and we had the best taco salads I think on earth. Good company, three great friends and one beautiful quilt and it is so hard for me to say that because I am an Auburn Fan. Just kidding. I did really think it was lovely and she can quilt all the Alabama quilts on it she wants to. That is what friends are for! We put our differences aside when it comes to friendship and quilting.

I guess one really good thing I like about Agent Wade and our Sunday quilting is when she walks through the door we leave politics, religion, football preferences (I do not even know what her favorite team is) anything drama at the front door.  We just enjoy each other and our learning process.

I have found so many times when you get involved with guilds,classes or whatever the hobby you may choose and you decide to go be a part of something it is drama.  I wonder why a bunch of women think when they get together to sew, knit, crochet, embroidery, cook or whatever they have to always discuss politics, religions, family, DRAMA, and such. Why can’t you just go enjoy being there working on your project and leave the rest of the crap where it belongs.. ON THE OUTSIDE.  I have decided I am going to go on a drama diet. I am not listening to it or participating in it.  Oh I did not mean to get off on my rant! I just wanted to express how much Agent W and W enjoy each others company and the only thing we discuss is what we are going to work on next and our currents project. HEAVEN ON EARTH.

This was really a beautiful quilt. The glitter part was not glitter it was gray polka dots but I think the camera captured it at an angle and it looks glittery. And that does give me an idea about another quilt using glittery fabric.

DSCN1692 DSCN1693 DSCN1694

I opened the shades in the room a tad and the light shown in but still you can see how pretty the quilt.


It is only apropos to have a UFO landing site outside your home if you are going give them a place to land.  This is our pond and a night shot of the solar lights we have around the pond. Wait I see one landing now!!!!!  Until next time. Be happy go on a DRAMA DIET and enjoy whatever love you have.  DSCN1657


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Eliminating UFOs

I tell you it has been a sewing frenzy this past few months in Locust Fork, AL. I sure am enjoying my Tin Lizzie 18 LS. It is a wonderful machine. Not many bells and whistles to tear up so that in my book is worth a lot. My father was a sewing machine mechanic back in the 60’s and he told me when I went to purchase anything even a washing machine get the one with the least items on it to tear up. My Tin Lizzie is basic with the stitch regulator and it is the cats pajamas. Has anyone ever seen a cat wearing pajamas????

Well here are two quilts that were quilted in the last few weeks. One by me and one by Agent Wade second in charge of the LFALA UFO Division.

Our spokes model Deara will be showing one. She is trying to act like it is hers but it belongs to Agent Wade. You’d just have to know Deara!

Linda quilted this flag quilt. I am really crazy about it. I like the way it looks like it is waving in the breeze.. Nothing like the good ole USA flag!!!




Deara is showing us the quilt.  Vanna White comes to mind on this. I quilted this for Linda. I really enjoyed it. It was a challenge and I am beginning to love challenges in the quilting world.




At first we thought these were orchids but looking closer they are tiny monkey’s that look like orchids.DSCN1585

This says it all.. I LOVE MY TIN LIZZIE.  Great company, great customer service. When you are in the market for a long arm. Please consider them. You will not be sorryDSCN1624

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Will The Real Betty Boop Please Sign In.

What’s My Line……….Will the real Betty Boop please sign in.


That girl has a serious gambling issue as you can see on this quilt. Not only does she play a lot of Bingo, she rolls dice!!  Betty, Betty, Betty! Shame on you fun girl!

Linda , I mean Agent Wade made this top. It is a Stack and Whack. Now to date I have not made one but I am going to be out looking for the ugliest fabric I can find with repeats to make me one. I want Linda to get me addicted to something else. I only have FOUR quilts started not counting all I am working on the Tin Lizzie putting them together.

From my understanding you find the ugliest fabric you can find with repeats stack it and whack it (cut it with the rotary cutter) and when you put together you get these wonderful kaleidoscopes.

When  Linda showed me this top (she only left about ten here to be quilted) right out of my mouth first statement was “you have to quilt her I can’t stand Betty Boop.  Someone one time told me I looked like her.”  Well how soon did my words change. Never say never that will be the first thing you do.

Here she is all loaded just making the first stitch.  See the border fabric. That is how it looks before you whack it!

DSCN1604 DSCN1609


This woman Betty Boop has some gambling issues.  These dice I drew off with washable ink that disappears when wet OH LORD HOW I HOPE!DSCN1612

This is the border fabric. See how it turns out just by where you cut it.DSCN1613

Well she has to know what her last name is!DSCN1614

This girl is a mess!DSCN1615

TMI I know.. I live in a gown! If I am inside I have a gown on. I have various colors. I think this one matched up nicely with the top!DSCN1616

It is really pretty. This is only about two rows I have finished so far.DSCN1617

Another view of how you stack it and whack it!DSCN1620

This girl is a mess.. Did I already say that?DSCN1621

I AM IN LOVE WITH MY TIN LIZZIE 18.  I found this pin today while I was looking for something in my tool box and it says it all.DSCN1624

Well you can see I am about half way through.DSCN1625

The back looking as good as the front. I did make about a thirty five mile trip for these stones to put on the dice. This was just a test to see how it was going to look.. They are not glued down yet.. Well they are now but not here in the picture.DSCN1627 DSCN1628

I always keep a test piece on the frame while I am quilting. I make sure I leave some fabric wide enough to put some batting and a top on it so I can check my tensions. I love quilting my name. Tensions looked pretty good also. If now I could have adjusted and not had to start on the quilt row get the mirror bend down and look under the quilt with the mirror only to have to pick out. This way I can adjust any problems before I get started.DSCN1629

It does looks good. I love it.DSCN1630

Oh Betty you are something else!DSCN1631

Look at this piece. In the center if you look close it is her arm and one eye. It sure makes an interesting piece just by cutting a different way.DSCN1632


Thank to You Tube and Jamie Wallen I tried some Piano Keys stitching.DSCN1633

Oh my Linda, I mean Agent Wade really got a good cut out of this.DSCN1634


I really liked this one.. Her waving all that money. I tell you this girl has issues.. Needs intervention!DSCN1636 DSCN1637

Linda even captured her cute little bows that was around her waist.DSCN1638 DSCN1639 DSCN1640 DSCN1641 DSCN1642 DSCN1644 DSCN1645 DSCN1647

The owner of the quilt also needs to know her name!DSCN1648 DSCN1650 DSCN1651 DSCN1652 DSCN1653 DSCN1654 DSCN1655

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures as much as I enjoyed quilting this top. I LOVE BETTY BOOP!


Betty Boop Chris


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How To Care For Self Healing Cutting Mats – No Need To Throw Out Those Cutting Mats.

Well this one is a new one on me.  Learn something everyday. I have thrown my mat out time after time.. I saw this on Sew-Fantastic this morning and today my mats will be getting a much needed bath.



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Work Work Work

Linda came today. Some of you know her as Agent Wade of the LFALA UFO Division.  Deara came over also and brought us both two beautiful golden seam rippers.  Lord only knows we needed them a couple of times.  Deara ironed. That was a miracle in itself. If she keeps it up she’ll have to be Agent Deara.

Linda brought some of her gorgeous quilts. Here is a few pictures to enjoy.

I think she called this pattern “Thirty Something.”

DSCN1507 DSCN1509

Another set of fabrics but same pattern.DSCN1510 DSCN1512 DSCN1514

Boy does my Tin Lizzie frame look lonely. I only lacked about two feet to go of this quilt and it was finished when the machine got sick. It has been gone three weeks and the sewing machine place has not even started working on it. I tell you my patience is running thin. I am hanging in there and eliminating UFOs here in Locust Fork, AlDSCN1516

You’ll have to wait till later for this picture and post.. STAY TUNED.DSCN1517


The ripper. If Deara continues to help us out we may make her title “Deara The Ripper.”  DSCN1520

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