All I can say is “Praise the Lord.” FINALLY I got old Shug (Tin Lizzie) home. Thanks to my sweet husband Gary and his friend Tim aka Timmie to me. He is a grown man and I call him Timmie!! Now I am ready to get busy and get busy and get busy! I am in a really strong sewing mood.  It has been so long since I have touched the machine about nine months during this house building that I am having withdrawals. NO MORE.. No excuses. The sewing machines are here the long arm is here and ALL the fabric is here.. NO EXCUSE.

I figure I am going to fine myself daily when I do not sew. What would you all think would be an appropriate amount?  Of course I know there are going to be days that I have to clean house, go to appointments or whatever those will not count.  Gary and I are so content and happy here at our new place. Looking out every window you see a beautiful sight.  Now to back in my sewing mood and I am my happiest when I am hearing “click a click a click a” (sewing machine sound.)

My first project coming up VERY soon.. watch for the post.


This was when it was a mess in the floor with all the boxes and tubs we were having to unload.DSCN8737

I need to make a label and call this Shug.DSCN8736

Does Shug not look absolutely lovely? Her new home is so cheerful.DSCN8735

I have these shoe racks on both sides of the doors. You can get a lot of things in them you need without having to clutter up the shelves.DSCN8734

A closer view.DSCN8733She sure looks good from afar!!  Oh how I love my special little piece of earth! Thank you Lord and Gary for giving it to me. I feel blessed!


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More Sewing Room Heaven Progress

I have not decided what to call my sewing area.. “Studio Chris, Studio Wheeler, TiannaKeith Studio, Or just “I AM IN LOVE WITH MY SEWING AREA.”

Progress made. Tables came today. I had to “interview” them and move them around about 10 times until I found the place I wanted them.. Right in front of the window so I can look to the right when I sew. Outside is a beautiful fenced in field with horses..

DSCN8547This is the year of the horse. Chinese New Year so I will be watching them horse around while I sew.

I have not hung up much in the house. I do not want to clutter my walls. However I could not lose my identity so I have a Hippie room next to my two sewing rooms. I also hung most of my wallhangings in there. In our group www.tradingfabricpostcards.com  that I own, sometimes we swap miniature wallhangings. I love that.. So I plan on filling up that room with my art that I make along with the art I receive from the ladies.

Well four tables came today for the actual room where my Brother sewing machine and my felting machine will be.  The cutting area and design wall will also be in here.  I have just started working on this.. Here is a before.


I have never played Mother with dolls. I was always the one that made their clothes, quilts and fixed their hair.  I never mothered them I just designed them. Over the years I have gotten a collection of dolls. Of course I had to put them in my Identity Room. I could not leave my babies out and in the pile there is one of the first Cabbage Patch Dolls with Xavier Roberts written on the backside. The doll is made of cloth. There is also a red Cupie doll that I got when I was born. If you look real hard you will see Tiny Tears peeking out at you and my baby bed I got when I was one or two years old. I still have it. Metal bed and the sides raise up and down.

DSCN8593Here are some more pictures of my Hippie room minus the black light I bought today. I have not gotten it hung up yet. I hope to fill this room up this year with beautiful artwork and items from the 60′s. PEACE!


I got this vest when I was 13. Oxford Mall had just opened and I went shopping one Sat night and my mother to my surprise bought it for me. It is suede and fringed. I would not take anything for it. DSCN8591 DSCN8592 DSCN8594

Aunt Jan bought this rug for herself and then she just knew where it belonged. It is beautiful.DSCN8595

I was a BIG X-FILES FAN. Fox had that poster in his office.  DSCN8597Here is the entrance to the room where all the fabric stash is.. In the floor are boxes to unload. I hope to have all this straight by this time next week and can really show you some great pictures and by then I should be sewing away.  Oh how I love to hear “click click click”  the sound the machines makes when it is working!

Stay tuned!

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Happy New Year


Happy New Year. I am ready for you.   I did not post much this year. We started back in March designing and getting ready to build a new home. I have an awesome quilt area or studio as some may call it.. I am not finished completely but when I am I will send you a picture.  Here is a sneak preview of my fabric. I think I need to go shopping. What you think? I am blessed to have it right at my fingertips. Nothing bothers me anymore than having to get ready to go to the store to get a piece of fabric to finish a project.

DSCN8303This room is big enough for me to put my long arm in here.  I have been in such a sewing funk. Does that ever happen to any of you. We had a nice home it was small and an attic was my sewing room. IT WAS A MESS..I mean a royal mess. I hated to go up there. I only made myself go when I had to go.

Here at the new home with several huge rooms for my sewing I will be able to just walk around the corner, no steps and sew. I even put a den on that side of the house so Gary my husband can be there watching TV and not miss me. LOL seriously we love being close by each other and he is my official cutter. He cuts all my fabric. My hand does not know what a rotary cutter feels like. I do not like cutting I mess up cutting and he is perfect and he likes to do the cutting. We have an awesome view. I look out to a beautiful neighborhood and two of my new best friends.. Two horses in a pasture across the street from me.  I go over daily and talk to them and rub their noses. They are so cute.

So now that we are about 99 percent finished I am ready to start blogging and being creative.

Did you miss me?

YES THE GIVE A WAYS ARE COMING BACK.. We will start the new year off right.  Just leave a comment here about what you have planned on doing or try to do this year. You know nothing can ever be wrong with anything you try. If you have always wanted to learn to paint with oils. Take a class. So what if your picture looks terrible to you. It is your work. You are only a failure IF YOU DO NOT TRY.  Look at some of the famous painters paintings. They are horrible.

If you want to learn to quilt find someone nearby that will teach you. There are guilds all over the place and someone is always willing to help you. So what if your quilts are not perfect. We do not want perfect we want progress and finding something we love.  Look at the Gees Bend Quilts. They are not perfect.  Look how they are loved and accepted.

I want to learn to crochet. I plan on going to a town nearby here to learn as much as I can. You know you can go to YouTube and find a wealth of information.


Be happy 2014 step out and try something new. Just think you may be the next famous artist or quilter or whatever and do not even know you have that in you.. GET BUSY AND TRY.. You only fail if you do not try.


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American Quilter’s Society COMING TO CHATTANOOGA, TN 2014


Here is a list of the AQS Quilt Shows for the year 2014. I turned flips when I saw Chattanooga, TN.  Beautiful town with nice facilities. It has not been the same to me since they left the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, TN but things are looking up. See you in Chattanooga.

Mark your calendar for these coming American Quilter’s Society Shows.

Phoenix, Arizona

  • 2014: February 5 – 8

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  • 2013: March 13 – 16
  • 2014: March 12 – 15

Paducah, Kentucky

  • 2013: April 24 – 27
  • 2014: April 23 – 26

Charlotte, North Carolina

  • 2014: July 30 – August 2

Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • 2013: August 14 – 17
  • 2014: August 20 – 23

Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • 2014: September 10 – 13

Des Moines, Iowa

  • 2013: October 2 – 5
  • 2014: October 1 – 4
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Blount County Quilters Guild 2014 Quilt Show, Oneonta, Alabama

This is for my dear friend Linda who was not able to attend the show this year. I went for her and made some pictures of the beautiful quilts. She has been a tad under the weather.  I know this is not as good as being there in person but you will be next year! I will see you there!

I do want you to know you have to be the most loved. Everyone at the show that I stopped and talked with always was talking about you how they missed you there. I will say it was not the same hearing “CHHHHHHRRRRIIISS”  Next year you’ll have to work double time to make up for not coming this year!!! Linda is my security blanket. I am shy sometimes at functions and very nervous about going and if I know she is going to be there I find her first thing, head her way and stick to her like Elmers Glue.

DSCN8066This is the cutest wagon. It is decorated up for every season. It is on the way to Palisades Park where the quilting cottage is. I have often wondered what the inside of the ladies house looks like because always outside is so beautifully decorated for each season. She is very creative.


The ladies always hangs old tops in the trees on the way to the cottage. Oh how I wanted this one for my very own. I left it there. I am too old to have a mug shot!


This orange quilt was a tiny miniature beautifully stitched. Look at the light spot on the left from the camera flash.. You can see the quilting. I loved this.DSCN8077

I want to say this is a pineapple quilt pattern. Maybe I am correct on this.


You can not go wrong with scrappy.DSCN8079

This blue and yellow reminded me of the french country look.DSCN8080

This one was really old looking. I love those old Grandma feel good quilts. You know you were cold or sick and you were on the couch and Granny always covered you up with one of her quilts. It made a lot of us well!DSCN8081

I thought this was was really nice. It has a lot of machine embroidery in it and neatly done.DSCN8082

Same on this one. I loved all the machine embroidery. Very nice.DSCN8083

Dresden plate. You can not go wrong with this.DSCN8084

Cute mouse quilt.DSCN8085

This was was of a mountain in China. Right now it slips my mind the name. I think there is an apple with the same name? Or close.DSCN8086

Redwork. Do you know you just draw the pattern off or iron it on that washes off, get your red embroidery thread and go to work? You actually can use any color you wish. Coloring books and the ones online are awesome patterns. My mother used to make Raggedy Ann and Andy quilts. She had a coloring which I have now and we had an homemade light box before light boxes were cool. We took an old end table and my stepfather cut a hole in it and put a piece of glass over the top.Mother then taped the pattern to the glass with masking tape pinned the pattern over the top. We then put a small lamp under the table and had the most awesome light box. Better than any you can buy at the store. Just be sure to use one of those pins that water dissolves the patterns.   DSCN8087

Somebody really loved Elvis.. I thought this was a nice quilt.DSCN8088

This was an adorable quilt. I loved the food on it in the jars.DSCN8089

I think this was Phoenix headed toward the sun.DSCN8090

I do not know the name of this one but I liked it. Tumbling Blocks maybe? I just liked it.DSCN8163

Civil War fabrics. It was really pretty in person. Not the war but the quilt.DSCN8162

Another view of the Civil War Fabrics. I love that collection.DSCN8161

If this quilt was mine which I would love it if was because I am a scrappy nut… I’d call it “Waste Not Want Not.” That is exactly what the lady did . It was made out of scraps and I saw Halloween with Christmas and just about everything. It reminded me of a quilt I did one time where I cut all the butterfly wings out and put in a bag and drew out two to sew together and FORCED myself to sew whatever came out of the bag. Luckily no two of the same came out.  Our eye normally wants to match and sometimes when we do not match we get the best results. SO ANYTHING GOES!DSCN8159

Up close and personal of Dear Jane. This was one of two Best of Show awards.. This lady also won the second BOS coming up in a few pictures! I forget how many blocks is in this quilt. I want to say 125. I may be wrong but I know there was a ton and it takes a long time to make one and very tiny pieces and I have no desire to make one but I like seeing someone else do one.DSCN8158

Dear Jane you sure have a lot of pieces.. DSCN8157

Here Dear Jane is again!


Pull up a chair I have a confession.  When I saw this quilt I started drooling. I LOVE IT. The lady looked to me like she took thread like embroidery thread and made the hair and she beaded some parts of the clothes.  I just could not quit looking at this for a few minutes and was trying to decide if I wanted to send a letter to her or not asking about the pattern and it hit me. I HAVE THIS SAME PATTERN IN MY SEWING STUDIO..  I need to do some serious housekeeping in my little Heaven on earth sewing room. Sometimes I go to get a pattern and go through ALL my patterns and find several of the same thing. Maybe two or three of the same patterns AND BOOKS..  I guess that is not knowing what you have and NOT being organized. I know none of you ever do that??? Or do you????? Confess it is good for the soul.DSCN8155 DSCN8154

Eileen one of the talented ladies made this quilt. Paper pieced , oh Lord what is this pattern. MARINERS COMPASS.. I think my brain is tired.. Well I never have mastered the paper piece technique but I was so impressed when I saw this quilt of hers. I do not know why I am surprised everything she has ever done was a winner in my book. Beautiful work.DSCN8153

I know you all will not believe this that knows me and knows how I love wild and crazy in my quilting but this bird quilt was my favorite. I know it is nothing really elaborate or massive in pattern design but it was comfort to me. I just loved it and I would love to have the pattern so I could make me one or two or three …. you know how that goes. If you make something you like you’ll make them until you are sick of it!! Well maybe not that much but you get the idea.  I loved it. All the quilts were beautiful but this one spoke to me. “Ask to buy me, take me home with you, don’t you want me???.” Yep to all the questions but it was not for sale, I was not about to snatch and grab and yes I wanted you VERY MUCH my lovely.DSCN8151

I loved these colorful roosters. They were really cute.DSCN8150

This one was beautiful. All done by hand. I do not have the patience. I admire the ones that do. I’d have it in the rag bag on to something new. I was left out on that patience gene. I totally have about a second or half second of patience. I’ll snatch you up in a heartbeat and holler at you. I wish I was not that way but I am. DSCN8149

This was the second of Best of Show. Can you see why? It was beautifully done and it was hanging where I really could not get a full picture of it but just from this you can tell the work that was put in this quilt. AND HAND QUILTED. I never mastered that and never wanted to. I leave it for the ladies that love quilting by hand.DSCN8145

This one was very nice. Scrappy and very sweet.DSCN8144

This was a touching quilt. See the old photo’s that was scanned on fabric. It looked to be photo’s of Navy men back from the 50′s.  I really like this quilt. Very patriotic.DSCN8143

Linda just squealed. I heard it! You see she LOVES BLACK AND WHITE.. sometimes we call her a newspaper.. What is black and white and read all over!!!   She really does a lot of work with these colors and she loves them. Didn’t you squeal Linda?DSCN8142

Log cabin put together to make these house designs. Reminds me of the famous quilter Flavin Glover.. Lord I hope I called her name correctly.  I have some of her books and droll  over her patterns and dream about staying off Facebook and reading others blogs and start designing and cleaning up all my UFO’s so I can do some new things. You all help me.. Fuss at me!DSCN8141

I really liked this.. The way the darker fabrics framed the lighter squares. It was really pretty in person.DSCN8140

This was very nice and had a lot of fancy quilting in it. It was really pretty.DSCN8139

Who would not love this apple quit. It was another comfort quilt to me. Loved it.DSCN8138

Help me Rhonda.. I had to save this draft and go to the dictionary online to make sure I got this word correctly KALEIDOSCOPE.  This is a Kaleidoscope quilt. The neat thing about it is you find the UGLIEST fabric on earth with repeats, cut the pattern out and sew it back together and it looks like one of those things we spent hours as a kid laying on the ground with it facing the sun hearing the glass prisms move and OHHING AND AAAHING and maybe that is why so many have cataracts my age because of staring up towards the sun with those things but you have to admit those were pretty cool to look at and so are these Kaleidoscope quilts.DSCN8137

This looks Civil War to me and it was a real lovely quilt in person.DSCN8136

Dear Jane here you are again!DSCN8135

This was nice. The purple was very pretty with the greens. A lot of  fancy quilting.DSCN8134

I liked this quilt very much. Lonestar pattern.DSCN8133

This one was cute as two bugs. I just loved it in person.DSCN8132

Plain and simple scrappy. I loved it very much. I guess I am just an old Raggedy Ann living in a Barbie Doll world because give the me simple scrappy ones every time!DSCN8131

This one was nice and very cool twisted hearts.DSCN8126

Christmas time is coming.. The snowmen and women looked adorable. My friend Terri would love that one. She loves Snowman.DSCN8125

Batik Wedding Ring. There was not a lot of room left so it was folded but you can still see the beauty of it.DSCN8124

Embroidery or Cross stitch birds. I guess it is about the same. All involves a needle and thread and very good eyes!!!! DSCN8123

This Redwork was so cute. DSCN8122

Oh this was a crazy quilt and I did not capture the hundreds of stitches on this but it was really nice.DSCN8120

I want to say a man made this. There were a couple that were done by men and VERY IMPRESSIVE MOST IMPRESSIVE(using my Darth Vader imitation voice)DSCN8119

Loved this one.DSCN8118

Hey you Auburn Fans. This was one tied together.It was really cute.DSCN8117

Better watch out better not cry.. SANTA IS WATCHING YOU EVERY NIGHT if this is your quilt. HE WAS SO CUTE in all those scenes. I guess it is true he is everywhere! Behave!DSCN8116

I definitely know a man made this Dresden quilt. He made it on a dare. On the ticket it said someone dared him to make it , his wife I think and he did and now he is ADDICTED. Yep buddy know the feeling. I sometimes look at my tons of yards of fabric that I handled like we were lovers and think I need to find a program to help me with my addiction before I have to go back to work.DSCN8115

Gone with the wind Tshirt panel. Oh how I wish I had not been stingy all these years of our travels and bought Tshirts now that making a tshirt quilt is cool! What is wrong with me????DSCN8114

Tshirt quilt. Look it could be T-shirt or Tshirt but you get the picture.DSCN8113

An adorable Christmas quilt and the quilting was so nicely done on it. I looked for the persons name that quilted it and it was not listed to maybe the person who it belonged to did it and if so .. GOOD JOB.DSCN8112

A log cabin quilt one of the ladies of the guild showed me that she did and she kind of was saying how sorry she was that she quilted it herself because it was not as elegant and the long arm quilting. I just had to stop her and tell her that sometimes we plain Jane looking women are a lot better off than those model movie star women and I saw nothing wrong with her quilt. Yes you could tell a couple of times she did not keep a straight line but hey in life we veer off our path sometimes. I loved it.. I would have taken it any day. It was very nicely done and she should be proud of it. If it was in my collection I’d be a very proud owner!DSCN8111

Another Log Cabin. I do not think we ever will get tired of the Log Cabin pattern.DSCN8110

Would you call this Rail Fence? I like it. Reminded me of the 80′s colors that was so popular. You know the Golden Girls Era!DSCN8109

This was a beautiful quilt in person. I liked the Civil War fabrics.DSCN8106

My photography is not quite as good as it should be. I am snapping and talking to ladies I know and not paying attention and I did not capture this Christmas quilt as I should have . It was real beautiful. If I remember each block looked to be like 4 squares sewn together. I really thought in person it was pretty.DSCN8105

I saw stars and loved it. Very soft, very warm and inviting and beautiful quilting.DSCN8104

Just a view of the rows.DSCN8103

View of the rows in the Quilters Cabin.DSCN8102

I wanted this Tshirt quilt so badly.DSCN8101

Another view of this quilt I loved so much.DSCN8100

Somebody had been to Key West and had gotten a Capt Tony Tshirt. I am going to start getting shirts from every place we visit and make a quilt.DSCN8099

Look at top right ABBEY ROAD BEATLES.. That was correct wasn’t it? Or was it called by another name?  Oh I do not know how that Raggedy Ann and Andy piece got by me.. Linda as soon as you get well and get back to the guild hit me up in advance with a call. I have to get you to show me how to make one of these Tshirt quilts.  They all really missed you. I did also. It was not the same.DSCN8098

A miniature quilt. Very pretty. Sometimes they are harder to make than the bigger ones. Nothing is hard in quilting somethings just take a bit of studying and PICKING OUT THE SEAMS with this really cute ripper thing.. and saying a few %^&*()(*&^%  when you swear you were reading the pattern and you really were watching TV and sewed the wrong pieces together or your husband was cutting out and your were reading the WRONG DIRECTIONS to him and you end up with a quilt when you start to put together is totally wrong and he has to cut half out again and you end up with two quilts. I guess none of you know about anything like that and I am not confessing!!!!!DSCN8097

A gorgeous jacket.DSCN8096

This was made by a ten year old future BEST OF SHOW WINNER!DSCN8095

Another type of Log Cabin. I forget the name. Maybe Courthouse Steps? Help me out Greg Bryson. Another man/wife quilting team.DSCN8094

Loved these hearts.DSCN8093

I wanted this but It did not come home with me either.DSCN8092

Mrs. Virginia a dear sweet precious lady who we all love very much made this. It started out as a block of the month quilt and when it was finished she had a quilt from Heaven.DSCN8091

Mrs Virginia does the most beautiful work. DSCN8073

I see some of my pictures loaded twice. WELL NOW YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS TOP!

Any of you that want to learn to quilt. The guild meets every Tuesday and Thursday at the Quilters Cottage at Palisades Park in Oneonta, AL.  Every second and fourth Saturday also.   That is usually the younger working ladies and the beginners. I am going to step out and be honest about this. If you are a beginner the Saturday class is the one for you. When I first went there several years ago maybe nine.. I did not know a rotary cutter from a pizza cutter. Linda took me under her wing and I took off.  She just has a tiny hiccup going on right now but she is going to be back soon. The other ladies there on Saturday help very much. You will learn a lot.

If you want more information just email me at SadieMaesAttic@aol.com and put guild info in the subject. I will pass it on to another one of the ladies that will get in touch with you. I think the first year it is 12.00 a year plus 1.00 for a pin.. So $13.00 total. That is a small price to pay $1.00 a month to learn an art.  Just email me and I’ll give your name to one of the other ladies and they can tell you all the ins and outs.  They have sewing machines there so all you have to do is show up with your fabric, pattern and a desire to learn. Most of the time Linda has about every pattern on earth with her.

My sweet Linda I hope you enjoyed this virtual quilt show. JUST FOR YOU!



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Missing Quilt. Please Be On The Lookout!

Missing quilt 3


MISSING FROM DENVER COLORADO.. If anyone has any information on who took this or where it is please privately email me at SadieMaesAttic@aol.com with the info.  It is a shame that in our lifetime things go “missing.”

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Free Maple Mug Rug Pattern From Quilting Board


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Rules For Quilting By Teri Lucas


Pretty good ideas. I am going to print out and keep in my sewing room.

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