Floriani Floral Fantasy Program

Yesterday I had to take my Dream Machine in to the shop. It was my fault. I broke a needle and then I put a new one in and did not get it up all the way probably and when I tried to use the automatic threader it bent the thing that threads. I will admit to my shortcomings!

I have had numerous eye surgeries in the last four years and my eyes are ok long distance but up close I can not see without readers and that tiny hole in the needle was getting smaller by the minute so I just loaded it up put it in the car took it to Huntsville, Al to Huntsville Sew and Vac where I purchased it.

I had over an hour drive and the service man fixed it for me while I was there and I am greatful for that. I shopped while he worked. I came home with the Floriani Floral Fantasy Program. It is packed full of designs I like.

I decided to open a pack of flour sack dishcloths I have and those things are almost big enough to go on top of my table for a cover. I decided to use one of those for the test on the program. I put the butterfly in the middle of the cloth and on all four corners I am going to add something different. So far I have added a cat. I really like the design and you can see in the pictures below how beautifully it stitches out. I am really enjoying all the Floriani products that I have. I think I will stick to this brand. Their thread is really great quality and so beautiful. I think in the future you will see a shirt full of these designs. This is my kind of thing.

I hope you are not getting tired of my posts. I am living a very happy dream with my Brother Dream Machine. It does not take a lot to make me happy and I am not one of these people that stay in the malls buying everything in sight. I do however like my sewing and my machines. I did leave two at Huntsville to be serviced that has never been used that I am going to offer for sale. I did want them serviced to make sure nothing was wrong even though they never been used. Sitting up sometimes will ruin a good thing. I will let you all know about those later.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I am so proud. I have zero confidence. I am afraid of my shadow but this year I have come out of my shell, attending sewing classes, conferences, genealogy classes at Wallace State. You name it I may be involved. I was out after dark the other night in Hoover at Joanns taking a T-shirt quilt class. I have three more to attend. I really enjoyed it and the instructor. Two of the ladies in there were working on regular quilts and I enjoyed their company. I think someone has taken over my body! This is so not me out and about with people.

IMG_0093 IMG_0092 IMG_0091 IMG_0090

I am not showing you the bobbins. You see that color slide. When it is time to change colors the machine will change to the color the pattern calls for so if you are not sure what the color you need is you can compare. You do not have to use the colors they suggest. You can edit and it will show those new colors. IMG_0089 IMG_0087 IMG_0095

I love my BABY!!!! IMG_0097

Do you know what this is?? A CAT. It will be going on one corner and the other three will have something different. I will show you tomorrow when I finish.IMG_0098 IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0101

I love my cat! I will show you more tomorrow. I am in love!! I am so glad Precious suggested that I buy it when I was telling him all it would do!

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Hark The Herald The Angels Sing! I Got A New Machine!

Yep you all know that tune. Well I was singing it but adding “Glory To My New Machine” when it hit me I stay in enough trouble as it is with the man upstairs so I changed my tune, I am sorry I will do better, I did not mean to be disrespectful.  You know what I mean.

I was having such a good time with the machine embroidery free standing lace angel pattern and my new Brother Dream Machine. I bought the angel today online.  It called for Mylar. Well I do not have any and I live in the country here in AL and we do not even have a red light so what does that tell you??? We are country!

I found some shiny wrapping paper I had that felt like foil. Gold on one side silver on the other and I decided to give it a try. After all what did I have to lose but 19326 stitches and almost 40 minutes of my life.  I cringed thinking maybe I should have not tried this wasting all that time wear and tear on the machine and thread. Well then I had a talk with myself. I know good and well there have been miles of thread and time wasted perfecting these patterns so I went ahead and decided to give it a go.  What is the worst it could have happened?? Thrown in garbage can no blog post and you would have never found out about it. I tried it, I did, I love! I am in love with my Dream Machine and all the possibilities.


Here goes nothing except over 19 thousand stitches!



The next one will be solid white.


Paper got to ripping like crazy!


See that long needle. If any of you need a breast biopsy, or anything surgically lanced that is your tool. I stabbed myself oh four or five times!


Rough cut just ripping off the paper.



Love it!


I washed all the glue off. I used Floriani Wet and Gone!


Here is the back. I like the silver. I am going to be doing some more of these with the Mylar colored sheets and also some solid white! I am going to be venturing out and trying more new things! Stay tuned and thank you for looking.

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What’s Under My Needle!

I decided to try to do a Happy Fall Ya’ll in all gold. I like it.  Black sweatshirt, gold thread.

I am learning. I am enjoying!

IMG_0072 IMG_0073

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What’s Under My Needle!

Well I caved. Purchased a Brother Dream Machine XV8500D a few weeks ago. I went to a two day convention and was so impressed I just had to have one.  You know how we women are with our sewing toys. Sometimes I think it would be cheaper if I took up fishing,  hunting or cooking! But so far so good on the project except I have had one problem. I broke a needle today and it must have bent the spring thing that self threads. I will take it in this week if I get a chance and hopefully they will adjust it while I am there. The shop I got it from is about one hour twenty minutes from here.  It did break the thread a couple of times. It it just something I am having to get used to. It is however a fairly easy machine to manipulate. You would think it would be complicated but it really is not.

I will show you some projects I have finished or currently working on. This was a big purchase for me and I never will get the money back I spent probably. You know people this day and time are so spoiled to China. Why would they pay me twenty dollars for something they can get for ninenty nine cents at Wal****!

That is ok. I bought it for me. It is time I buy something to make beautiful things for me and quit worrying if anyone will want anything I make. If they do fine if they do not fine. I am sure I will get my money back out of it in enjoyment!

I am going to enjoy it as long as I can. I find something new on it everyday and Youtube is packed full of videos.

The sewing machine place offers classes no charge since I bought the machine there but I have not got to go to one yet. Maybe next month I will not be so busy with life and go. I do not know how I EVER worked. Before we retired I only thought I was busy. I am more busier now than I have ever been in my life. I love it!!! I am trying to make a scheduling chart and sticking by it. So far I have gotten a tiny bit scheduled. I can do better. I will look at it as a job. No wait.  I’ll look at it as fun!


This is going to be a fall yellow colored sweatshirt. You will see the finished project at the end of the page.IMG_0059

This design was put on a black sweat shirt. Tomorrow if I get time before I leave to go to a T-shirt quilting class  I am going to do a black sweat shirt ALL threads gold! Solid gold color on black. I think it will be awesome!IMG_0060

I have such a nice view while I am sewing!


The Monster!!!




Some of my beautiful colors of thread!


On to a new design!


It is on a feedsack dishcloth which by the way is huge enough that I am going to use it for a table topper when it is finished!


Almost there!

IMG_0069 IMG_0070

I think it turned out nicely. This floral design is in the middle. On all four corners I am going to put butterflies. I will show you the finished project sometime later on this week.

IMG_4291 IMG_4292 IMG_4293

Some angel ornaments I worked on two weeks ago. They are not finished! They will be standing with their arms folded when I finish them. Easier to stack this way!


Playing around with my bud! (Well trying to figure out how to get the angels out of the background. The sewing machine has a built in camera. I scanned the page to see if I could get a couple of more on the stabilizer and I could. Then later on when I finished I pulled up Mickey Mouse to see how he would look and the angels still were showing in the background. I called Brother, the lady walked me through the steps. ONE CLICK of a button and it was off. See sometimes all you need to do is ask. I am not like Precious, I will ask for directions!

IMG_4295 IMG_4296

Fourteen thousand one hundred stitches in this elephant!

IMG_4297 IMG_4298 IMG_4299 IMG_4300 IMG_4301 IMG_4302

Towel I finished for myself. I still have not pulled the topper off. Well in this picture!IMG_4304 IMG_4305

A few designs I put on hand towels.


Topper off and washed! I love it. I have my own towel. I better not catch Precious using my towel!! (just kidding)


The second sweat shirt I finished today. I am learning. I welcome all comments good and bad. I can take criticism. I just want the truth told to me that way I can improve where needed!!! You know I just realized. I could edit, put my name right in the middle of the pumpkin! The ideas and designs are endless. That is why they say it is “created by geniuses for dreamers”  It holds up to its name THE DREAM MACHINE!!!

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Made In The USA!!! Childrens Pouf, Minky Dot Infinity Scarves, Burp Cloths,Baby Blankets and More!

I was fortunate enough to meet Lauren, the artist for the items you will see below. Her work is awesome, very professional. She has an ETSY account and you can go there to purchase her items. https://www.etsy.com/search/shops?search_query=+raedesignbycampbell+   Description under the pictures.  If you have any questions email Lauren at  lcampbell699@yahoo.com.


Blue Anchor Doodle Pouf
Child size 9 x 15 inches

Great for kids to sit on. Very comfortable and soft. Light weight for young children to carry around with them.


Minky Dot Infinity Scarf
Color: Brown
Size: Adult

Very soft and cozy patchwork minky dot infinity scarf.


Minky Dot Infinity Scarf
Color: Red
Size: Adult

Very soft and cozy patchwork minky dot infinity scarf.


Minky Dot Infinity Scarf
Color: Crimson
Size: Adult

Very soft and cozy patchwork minky dot infinity scarf.


Minky Dot Infinity Scarf
Color: Brown
Size: Grey/Yellow

Very soft and cozy patchwork minky dot infinity scarf.


Starfish Baby Blanket
Size: 24 x 35 inches

Starfish with white and tiffany patchwork minky,


Coral Minky Dot with Pink Paisley Baby Blanket
Size: 25 x 32 inches

Coral Minky dot patchwork with pink paisley print baby blanket.



Cowboy Large Baby Blanket
Size: 28 x 38 inches

Cowboy patchwork large minky dot baby blanket.
Cowboy smooth Minky with red bandana smooth Minky, and ecru with red and brown Minky dot patchwork.


Minky Burpie Clothes

1) Cuddle Giraffe
2) Minky Spot/Stripe
3) Minky Chevron Grey with Navy
Smooth for a delicate baby’s face,

Cuddle Giraffe/Tangerine Stroller Baby Blanket
Size: 20 x 25 inches

Cuddle Giraffe smooth Minky with tangerine safari baby stroller blanket.


Cuddle Giraffe with Ecru Stroller Baby Blanket
Size: 20 x 25 inches

Cuddle Giraffe smooth Minky with smooth ecru patchwork Minky baby stroller blanket.


Cuddle Giraffe Large Baby Blanket
Size: 28 x 35 inches

Cuddle Giraffe smooth Minky with patchwork ecru and brown Minky dot large baby blanket.


Grey Deer w/ Patchwork Baby Blanket
Size: 25 x 35 inches

Grey deer with patchwork white and grey Minky dot baby blanket




Sailor Bag
Size: Large

Light pink suede type material lined with Take Me to Paris print large Sailor Bag.
Great bag for school, beach, the market or for just your everyday needs.

IMG_5385 IMG_5386

Large Sailor Bag
Burnt Orange Suede like material lined with vintage sunset cotton fabric
Great for all your needs and even large enough and sturdy enough for a modern fashionable backpack.




Boys at Play Minky dot patchwork blanket
25 x 35 inches
Red, white and blue patchwork Minky dot baby blanket with boys at play cotton material.


Patchwork Gold Arrow Baby Blanket
Size: 25 x 35 inches
One side patchwork Gold Arrow with white and honeycomb monkey dot, other side striped patchwork honeycomb and white Minky dot.

Very soft and cozy to keep a baby warm.

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I Post A Day Will Keep The Boredom Away! Year Of The Monkey! Finally Getting Projects Done.

This is the Chinese New Year, Year of the Monkey. You all know how they are always playing, swinging from trees non stop, up to no good, up to tons of fun. Well that explains what my life has been lately. BUSY BUSY BUSY FAST FAST FAST FUN FUN FUN!!! NONSTOP!

I have had a Brother Innovis 2500D  sewing/embroidery combination machine for several years maybe eight plus! I finally decided to take some classes. Until then I just used it for a very expensive sewing machine. Now it is getting an embroidery work out.

Here are a couple of projects that I have been trying out lately! I hope you enjoy. More to come.


This first shirt was my very first project . I did not select the proper thread color to accent the bird but I think you all can get an idea as to what it is suppose to be. A bird on a nest. I liked the way we took a scrap t-shirt and cut it up to make the next. Even regular cotton fabric would work.


I really like this shirt. Two colors of fabric with several different colors of thread. The back side was as equally beautiful minus the fabric. In the future I am going to put a cross on a white shirt just using thread.


This is my beautiful spokesmodel Deara (my aunt)  I think the shirt looks marvelous on her!


This past 4th of July instead of cooking out and partying a friend of mine, you all know as Agent Wade..who is my quilting buddy and I made Sugar Skull purses. Mine is on the left with the orange eyes, hers is on the right with the purple eyes. I am showing both to show you how beautiful they are in all colors. The worst part of these is the turning the purse out  and changing of the tread. We must have changed the tread a million times. I see a thread at the top I need to clip!


We also used white fabric to see how we were going to like these. I like it on white. Next time I will use a tonal white not a solid white and a different colored zipper. One to match the eyes or some other part of the face! I messed up the top part. I just knew it was going to have a crew cut. I am proud of myself. I figured out how to back up the machine start over on the top part and it worked! YAY ME! I figured the worst mine would look like it had a bad haircut! Linda said “been in a fight have a scar!” It all worked out.

Year of the Monkey

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A Blog A Day Will Keep The Boredom Away!

You know I am going to have to make one of these scrappy clutch purses.

Great site http://www.bonjourquilts.com/sew-patchwork-clutch-purse-pattern-tutorial/

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A Blog A Day Will Keep The Boredom Away!

Therese’s blog is awesome. She is a member of my group http://www.tradingfabricpostcards.com

I think you will enjoy all the beautiful art she creates. You can see this wonderful blog at http://tmalakart.blogspot.ca/search/label/art%20quiltie

Enjoy and get creative!


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