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Craftsy’s Big Sale

Craftsy is having a big sale .  You can click here. https://www.craftsy.com/a/sale/2017_12days_deal_summary_day11_12

Be sure to go daily to see what they are offering!





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I have had several private email and requests wanting me to start blogging and showing new things going on in the quilting world as well as new things I am selling on my eBay page .

It is coming. 2018 is a new year for blogging. I will have journal covers, items I have been making on my embroidery machine, Scan and Cut ideas and quilting projects. I am thinking about even taking a weaving class plus a few painting glasses. Tutorials on a numerous different projects. I plan on blogging your ears off!

We have had some bumps in the road with back pain and some other issues my husband has experienced. NOTHING BAD just when you hurt your hurt and we have been consumed with that.

Summer my cousin and I cut four acres of grass.  When my neighbor was gone to California we cut six more. Then there came the flowers and making sure the weeds did not have a residence.  It is has been one thing after another.  But never fear I plan on being really prolific 2018.

I may even try some canning and freeze drying!! Stay tuned. It WILL be entertaining and informative. I can assure you on that after all this is WE LOVE QUILTING AND EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!

Oh I have a membership to The Gym close by where we live. I am not blogging pictures of that. It could get ugly!!! LOL


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Christmas Color Wheels To Use With Aluminum Christmas Trees For Sale

I have some Christmas Color Wheels for sale on my eBay page.



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Deal of the day.. AUTHENTIC Coach. I do not sell anything but authentic.


When you go to my page I appreciate you checking out the other items I have for sale.


Forget Black Friday Shopping Madness In The Stores.. Shop With These Ebay Sellers.


Agadorsattic.  Great seller with high rating top seller positive feedbacks.   TOP RIGHT OF LINK ABOVE CLICK VISIT STORE….  at the bottom of each page you can click the next page till you get to the end.  This is my cousins store so I can vouch for him.

Here are a FEW of his many items.






Along with beanies he also has collegiate ornaments.





This is only a few.. There are seven or eight pages packed full of new and vintage items.

Very honest seller with great items.

Here is just a tiny list of what he has to offer.

Carhartt snap on hoods.

Vacuum cleaner bags Hoover Type A

Christmas stocking from college and pro teams

Beanies and caps from college and pro teams

Ornaments from pro and college teams

Buckskin suede jacket

Leather Bomber Jacket

Movie projector

Royal Typewriter with case

Vintage record player in case

Fishman tranducers arch top guitar pickup


Radio manuals


Vintage collectibles, like Cigar boxes

Vintage camera’s. Optikon Magicube Insta Load Camera Outfit in ORIGINAL BOX

New Karaoke microphone

Mohawk cold knit hats several teams

Sports team nutcrackers

Programmable BRAND NEW sealed Speed release gun lock

Journey’s Greatest Hits Guitar Tab Book by Alfred

CD RW’s lot of 25

Canon Ink Cartridges

Lexmark 99A0179 roller

HP cartridges

Vintage cookie tins

Vintage Kodak Pocket Instamatic 10 Camea outfit in original box

New Toys

1953 Scrabble set complete

I can’t begin to list them. Just go to the above link and click see sellers items.

GREAT SELLER with a lot of wonderful things.


Next we moving on with KravitzKloset on Ebay. This is my Aunt so I can vouch for her also. Great seller with a lot of great items.

Here is just a few and a link to her store.  https://www.ebay.com/usr/kravitzkloset

Cick view store

Here is just a few of KravitzKlosets items. You will find also

Winton and Newton oil color set new in box

Marvel Adventures Toys  NEW

Disney Affinity 3.0 Star Wars The Force Awakens Playset

Jennifer Moore Christmas sweaters

Red with gold sweater vest

Victoria Jones Nutcrackers

Carhartt Womens earflap with braids

Snowman vest

A big selection of designer clothes . Some had never been worn

Laurence Kazar New York formal tops

Regular size close and plus size

Quilted jackets

Baseball cleats

Fisher price toys


Angel figurines

Swim Trunks

R2D2 Ceramic bank

Mugs  Classic Movie  and one from Nashville the Hard Rock Cafe

Little Golden books

Darth Vader Ceramic Banks

Coca Cola collectibles


Planet and Co. Christmas vests

Golden Renaissance 50 pc flatware Rose Pattern  service for 8.  This would be beautiful on your Christmas table. Complete with case.

NBA Jacket with black patches, Star War patches.

This is just to name a few.

You can click on her link and then see other items. At the bottom fo the page you can see numbers to click on next page.

She adds to her inventory daily.  A great seller with top seller status.




Click view store for all items. At the bottom of the each page you have a number click on it to go to next page.



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There are always great patterns on this site for free.  Check it out.

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Chris, Cruella Deville and Sun Basket To The Rescue.

Summer time is not a good time for me to sew or do any crafting.  It is my fun time and although I do love sewing and crafting this is getting outside, cutting grass, going on mini trips, going places I do not go to during the winter.

Yes we have to eat so I still have to cook.  I have been posting about Sun Basket because one I am a dummy when it comes to cooking. My cooking is pitiful. Two the food you get from them to prepare is wonderful. I can follow it down the list of instructions checking off one by one and have a meal that is awesome.

Tonight we ate Moroccan. I forgot to tell Alexa to play some Moroccan music. That was all that was missing.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as my husband Little Precious and I enjoyed the food. He did state “I believe this has been the best yet.”  I have enough left for tomorrow night.

If you decide to purchase any meals you are under no obligation. You can join one week get the $35.00 off with my coupon and quit the next week like I did.  THEN I stressed about what I was going to cook and after one week of no Sun Basket I was back on two meals a week. This fall and winter I am going to three meals. That will cover six nights for us and we can eat out one day each week. I am a VERY happy customer. My ONLY regret is I did not find out about Sun Basket sooner.

If they offer stock better buy some I am in for the long haul.

I had been gone to the other side of the world today so I did not have time to change in to my cooking down.

My favorite shirt. I wish I had three or four.

I did not have a clue what this was going to be or taste like. Some of the items never heard of them.

This is what it looked like in the recipes book.

Wanted to me crush up the walnuts. I did not want to get the crusher thing out have to put it together, clean it and get all the nuts out of the spoke things whatever you call them so I found this pounder thing and it worked like a charm. Put the whole bag between parchment papers and took out my frustrations.  It worked perfect.

I check off as I go. I never heard of Baharat. But it was GOOD.

These were so good. Washed them really good sliced them up and ate a few before I cooked them.. Tasty and fresh.

Toasted the nuts with oil and some of the Baharat.

Turn your head sideways.  My DNA hates fresh cilantro. So I am giving this to my neighbor. It has nothing to do with Sun Basket. It does not matter who or where I can’t tolerate fresh cilantro.

I tolerate Penzeys Spices Cilantro.  It is not as soapy as fresh.

Mixed carrots and  Baharat spice with salt, pepper, oil and cooked for about 10 minutes turning. The house smelled wonderful and these taste wonderful.

Ok I am going to spill a secret to you. I HATE TOUCHING MEAT AND I HATE TOUCHING POTATOES. There was no potatoes in this recipe I just threw that in for information. I keep boxes of latex gloves on hand for that.

Lamb is one of my favorite meats. Did you notice no antibiotics, no added growth hormones?

We eat meat but not what you call a lot of meat so I made two serving in to four.

Yes you see Cilantro.

I never in my soon to be 64 years took the insides out of the lemon and chopped up the peel to eat. I dont know what it was preserved in.. But it was good. I ate the pulp by itself. It was great.

Arugula, already chopped up.

Add lemon peel.

Add golden raisins.

Until tonight never heard of it.

Mixed everything up and it was so good. Not one crumb left.

Reason there is four forks. Precious took ours out on the sunporch then I took two. So naturally we ate with one and I put the other also in the dishwasher.


KEY LIME PIE.. My jeans better zip this week when I have to weedeat. Hey it is summer. FUN TIME.  Just do not go overboard.

I am going to try to get some sewing projects going this weekend and week to come. Until then I’ll be cutting grass, weeding and two days a week cooking from Sun Basket.




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