Check in to the above link to see the really low prices on their online video’s.


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Christmas Quilt Pattern from All People Quilt

Festival of Trees pattern

Here is a beautiful free quilt pattern for us to make and enjoy during the holiday’s. I never dreamed of using yellow for the background. I am starting on this today. I will show you the process along the way.  Below you will see the link. If you all decide to make this project please send me the photo’s so I can post them here and we all can see the different fabrics and designs.

Be sure to check out other projects listed on the website.


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North To Alaska

I have not written in a while. We took a 9000 plus mile trip.  Drove to Seattle, ship to Alaska then to California for a couple of days and back across the USA to home. I will post pictures later.

I have been planning this over a year so therefore I am behind in my postings. I am back ready to start new projects.

I found this wonderful site full of free patterns.  I will be making each quilt on the site and showing you along with the pattern.  Here is my first project.

I will be starting on this in the next day or so. I will keep you posted with the progress.



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Ali In Wonderland!!!

My neighbor Ali is quite the little artist.  Can you believe someone picks up a pair of scissors goes to cutting and comes up with the cutest appliqués to go on a quilt. This is just the beginning of a new quilt artist. I am amazed at what this young woman can do. This is by no means the end. She just got started today on her Alice In Wonderland and here is the results. Now she will go back around with thread and highlight the pieces but I think you will get an idea of how some of her work is going to be.. Stunning!  Linda and I enjoy her company on Sunday so much. She has an eye for choosing fabrics. I can not wait to see this quilt finished. DSCN0254 DSCN0255 DSCN0257

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Halloween In June

Well people have Christmas in July so we are having a Halloween party in June of sorts. Today my sweet neighbor wanted to learn to quilt so she came down to our Sunday meeting.  Linda was more than glad to teach and mentor her and I was more than glad for the company and also the learning experience.

I normally do not cut, I am learning. Gary used to do all my cutting but I am trying to take some work off him and also I want to learn so I can cut when I need it. Well that means when we are sewing a lot of the time Linda is cutting handing to me to sew and now today I saw the process from the beginning to end.

I guess you wonder what is wrong no one used the long arm.. Well do not get me started *&^$#$   it is down for the count again after having a service doctor here this week I do not know what is going on but I need to find out soon we are getting behind.

Well Ali came and she loves Halloween. I believe when she gets her own home it will be decorated up 365 days of Halloween.. I love Halloween also and so does Linda so it was just a wonderful day. Ali went home with her quilt top finished. Now when my long arm machine gets well she will come back and quilt it and then we will bind it and she will have her beautiful quilt. We have gotten another person addicted to fabric and sewing. She made us both laugh “I can not believe you have a sewing machine that cuts the thread and you do not have to use scissors.”

Here is Ali’s Happy Halloween Quilt. I look forward to seeing her make many more beautiful works of art.





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We Had Another SNOW (Sew) Day

Lizzie is still down for the count. Hopefully this week the long arm doctor will travel here and get her running and ready to go.

Linda and I have been clearing up UFOs so it is not a total waste. We also have been trying some new things. Sometimes you need to just chill out and do whatever else you can find to do. During this down time I learned to cut. I can hear most of you “surely you jest.” Well hello for all these years I have been quilting my number one cutter was Little Precious. A rotary cutter never touched my hands.  I think Little Precious is tired of cutting because he sure has gotten behind in his job. Maybe he is just taking a much needed rest.

Today Linda showed me how to cut. I had some idea and have done some parts of the cutting but I never have squared up a block. She showed me a really easy way to square up the blocks. I decided I was going to work on Anita’s Arrowhead.  The creator of this is Anita Grossman Solomon. This was particular technique was featured in Quiltmaker Magazine 2011.  I am not sure of the month. I probably have it written down in the sewing studio and I will look for it when I go back to the studio.

I decided on using a beige background for my blocks. I may go ahead and change that while I have not made a lot of the blocks. I think I would like it to have a more scappy look. I do not know.. I may and I may not. You can never tell about me. One thing for sure I will just do what feels good the day I start on it.

Here are the blocks I got finished today.

DSCN0102 DSCN0103 DSCN0104 DSCN0105Do not pay attention to the purples in the background. It is not a part of the quilt. It was an actual quilt on the bed. I just placed the blocks down so I could keep up with how many I had. I think I will finish it out with this beige and these blocks are so easy I will start another one with different colors.

Linda was working  Hunter Star Quilt by Dianne Gilley. It was very easy to put the blocks together and she as really enjoying them. I was amazed at how perfectly they all matched up. I think this is going to be a really beautiful quilt but then when does Linda create a quilt that is not beautiful?

Here are her  blocks. If you look closely you will tell you have to put four small blocks together to make one big block.. then when you put two blocks together you can see how the star points are going to work out.. I really like this block. I am going to do one next maybe out of African print fabrics. This was VERY EASY. If you find this pattern at your local quilt store and want to do something very pretty and very easy I suggest either one of the quilts here today. I am going to be working all week on Anita’s Arrowhead and Linda’s homework is on her Hunter Star quilt. I was telling Precious that I was working on Anita’s Arrowhead and he said “who makes a quilt called Anita’s AIRHEAD.”  Pray for me America!  He is a character. To make it worse he was serious.

DSCN0106 DSCN0107Well I shall be working all week on my homework and Linda has homework. We hope Lizzie gets up and running real soon. She just has a tiny problem. Nothing major I hope. I think we have decided every other Sunday we are going to have a “snow day.”  We call it that because it is like work, when it snows you can not report to work. Ok Lizzie is sick so we can not long arm. Just having nice snow days and with 90 degree temps this week I may welcome some snow this winter. No as it always goes I will be fussing because how cold it is and waiting on summer, summer gets her and I am fussing how hot waiting on winter.. You know we are never satisfied are we?



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If Patience Is A Virtue… Well Then Count Me Out On Being A Virtuous Woman

Most of the time I have approximately  a quarter of an inch of patience, more like a scant quarter.  All you quilters know what I am talking about. This past Sunday Linda and I both lost our patience. We just did not take it out on each other. Thank goodness our friendship is still intact. We normally finish our projects around 7 pm this Sunday it was after 10pm. I was so tired all week and so was Linda. Yesterday was the first day I got my strength back. It was run run run all week long on top of this past Sunday fiasco.

Having a long arm machine regardless of the brand is a new day every day, new problem,new adventure and new headache. Whatever you want to call it. Last Sunday was no exception. I could only hear the words of my MIL,”My Grandmother always said that for every stitch you sew on Sunday you will have to take out seven with your nose in Heaven.”  I hope there is a lot of seam rippers because I have sewn quite a bit on Sunday’s. Miss Gerry is no longer with us so I hope she put a good word in for some of the words that I was thinking while this machine of mine was testing us to the point of no return.

Linda had put together a wonderful quilt. Before she got here I had it already loaded on the frame, threaded and bobbins waiting to be filled up. We usually fill up about seven bobbins to start with. I had already picked out what I thought was a good color but you know it was her quilt her decision. She was ok to the one I had selected. I was smiling.

She got here we talked for a few minutes and she got started. ALL WAS FINE, until we decided to take a break, ALL HECK broke loose.  Every few seconds the thread would break. We knew it was nothing we had done because no one touched anything after we stopped for a few seconds.  We tried everything. Changing bobbins, cleaning the machine, changing the needle, you name it we tried it. I swear sometimes there is gremlins hiding in the sewing room we turn our back they start turning knobs and dials.

It took about one and a half hour to get about two feet finished.

Today the service guy came to the house to get it fixed up ready for tomorrow. He found out what was wrong and he will be back one day next week to finish the job. I really like my service guy. I refer to  him as  “Have Doctor Will Travel.”

Well here is a picture of Linda’s beautiful quilt. I think she needs to name it “Patience.”  You know even though we had a difficult time for close to two hours we still have a wonderful time talking, laughing and trying to diagnose the problem. At one time Linda was on her hands and knees looking for a screw that I dropped out of the bobbin case. I am not a hundred percent sure that she was not down on her knees sending up prayers for me having a hissy fit!  For a “mature” gal she still has it going on. It is like Lucy and Ethel most of the time.  First I am going to show you a couple of pictures I have been wanting to share. After that her quilt.

HMMM I wonder what is under this Singer case and yes that is an Accucut. It is like those Go’s you all love but this thing is heavy and can do some serious work. I have a lot of dies.  Projects coming in the future with this. I probably have had it for ten years. I would not take anything for it.


What is under this nice box that belongs to my Little Precious (Husband Gary) Well according to the way the pictures loaded you will have to wait for a few minutes. I forget that WordPress will take the pictures put them in their order not the order you load. But that is ok.. Like life, not everything works out perfectly you just adjust.DSCN9964

The finished quilt. It is a variation of a Gordian Knot pattern. I really like the combination of colors.DSCN9965 DSCN9966 DSCN9967 DSCN9968

This is the back. I like how she went around the flowers. We like to freehand our work. Anyone can have a computer design but freehand is our thing. Now do not get me wrong one day I may have a computerized long arm but I probably would still use the manual option. I just like doing what feels good!DSCN9970 DSCN9971 DSCN9972

If you look closely you will see a dragonfly. I bought some templates from Checker Distributors to sell here in my store when I get a chance to list the items. I kept one for myself for a test. I took a pen that the ink dissolves with air or water and drew on the fabric the dragonfly then Linda just guided the machine over the marked lines. DSCN9974 DSCN9975

Now here is what was under that wooden box. Can you believe this? This machine is in mint condition. My MIL and FIL lived in Trinidad when my husband was a small boy. Mr. Jack was stationed in the Navy.  Mr. Jack ordered this machine from Sears through the commissary.  I think Miss Gerry said she used the machine maybe three times. It came back to the states and was hidden away in her laundry room in a cabinet. She gave it to my husband which means it is mine also but since it was his mothers I call it his machine. If I did not make a mistake it was manufactured January 19, 1954. DSCN9960

DSCN9961 DSCN9962

It seriously looks like it has not been used. The light spot on the machine is just a flash from the camera. We did replace the cord because over the years even if you do not use the machine the cord gets brittle and deteriorates.DSCN9963


Isn’t she a beauty?   Linda will be here tomorrow. We are having a “snow” day. You know when you do not get to go to work because it snowed. Well we are not going to be able to quilt on the machine but we have some UFOs that we are going to try to get ready to put on the machine this week when it is hopefully finished. Stay tuned!

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It Is All Over But The Binding!

In the South we have a saying, “It is all over but the shouting.”   Even Rick Bragg wrote a book with that as the title.   Well it is all over but the binding on my Puzzler quilt aka MP and Linda or Agent Wade as I call her will know what that means. An inside joke at our secret sewing heaven. We laugh and say we have two members in our secret organization of long arm quilting like crazy and one of us has to either quit or leave this world for someone else to join which neither one of us is going anywhere and if we do the other will not let anyone else join so no use trying to knock one of us off to get in the club.

Today I finished it. I have been working on the Puzzler for a couple of days now. Not fulltime during the day but thirty minutes here and thirty minutes there. You get the idea. This morning before Linda arrived I FINISHED ALL but the binding! Never mind the quilt top has been finished a long time. Maybe eight or nine years. I will have to look on the magazine to be for sure. It needed the piano key border. I finally got that finished and on to the frames to be quilted. Lizzie sure has gotten a work out lately. Agent Wade I know you can see this and you can look on your magazine which you probably have at your fingertips and see what year it was.

I did not have it exactly straight on the bed.

DSCN0157 DSCN0158

Nothing fancy on the stitching just whatever came to mind. DSCN0159

I love all the colorsDSCN0156

The below pieces will be cut in to strips sewn together to make a very colorful border. I always think of my mother in law when I am quilting “Chris how in the world can you stand to cut up perfectly good beautiful fabric only to sew it back together!”  I laugh when I am cutting and sewing. She was serious!


Is it me or does this fabric look like aliens ,cavemen and hippies?DSCN0175 DSCN0174 DSCN0173

Yum.. I love it.


I have done other things besides sew. Ceramics, porcelain dolls and soft sculpture fabric dolls.  Margaret Adams a friend of ours used to have a ceramic shop in Gadsden AL. I went there and took classes to get certified with Doc Holliday Ceramic Company. This was one project we did. I can not draw a straight line but I was able to do this. I for the life of me can not remember how we did it but I sure remember I had a great time! It is on a piece of plain tile.DSCN0170

Another bites the dust with Linda today. She got here this morning I had her quilt loaded on the frame and all we needed to decide is what thread choice. Oh she chose the one I was hoping she would. It had brown and turquoise in the thread. That was the colors in the quilt along with the brown. Does this not look like a bunch of monkeys swinging around? It is named some type of monkey but she was so tired she could not think of the name. I did not have many pictures of her quilt. It was not that I did not care for it because I love it, that was not the case at all I WAS BUSY. While Linda was quilting on Lizzie I was busying putting together a receiving blanket of a pattern I found online. I am still laughing. Linda said we could take the scraps and make a burp cloth. I looked at her like puzzled myself and was like “UM what is a burp cloth?”  I bet she is still chuckling. I never heard of such. I know as much about kids as I do how to build a car motor. NOTTA.. I never had any so I do not have a clue on all the burp things you have!!!!


As always it worked out perfectly UNTIL THE LAST ROW. Then came the picking.


I did not realize I took a picture of Linda’s scar on her hand. A couple of years ago I almost lost my dear friend to MRSA.  Life today would not be the same without this kind soul. Linda is a blessing to everyone that crosses her path.

She finished at nine this evening and I was sad to see her and her monkeys leave. Well until next time. Stay tuned.





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