How To Care For Self Healing Cutting Mats – No Need To Throw Out Those Cutting Mats.

Well this one is a new one on me.  Learn something everyday. I have thrown my mat out time after time.. I saw this on Sew-Fantastic this morning and today my mats will be getting a much needed bath.


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Work Work Work

Linda came today. Some of you know her as Agent Wade of the LFALA UFO Division.  Deara came over also and brought us both two beautiful golden seam rippers.  Lord only knows we needed them a couple of times.  Deara ironed. That was a miracle in itself. If she keeps it up she’ll have to be Agent Deara.

Linda brought some of her gorgeous quilts. Here is a few pictures to enjoy.

I think she called this pattern “Thirty Something.”

DSCN1507 DSCN1509

Another set of fabrics but same pattern.DSCN1510 DSCN1512 DSCN1514

Boy does my Tin Lizzie frame look lonely. I only lacked about two feet to go of this quilt and it was finished when the machine got sick. It has been gone three weeks and the sewing machine place has not even started working on it. I tell you my patience is running thin. I am hanging in there and eliminating UFOs here in Locust Fork, AlDSCN1516

You’ll have to wait till later for this picture and post.. STAY TUNED.DSCN1517


The ripper. If Deara continues to help us out we may make her title “Deara The Ripper.”  DSCN1520

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Auction Quilt

Well I do not know how the pictures came in this order but there is a story to tell here. A childhood friend of mine and her husband will be going to Branson this summer to his meeting of the 591st  Engineer Department of a group he was in during the Vietnam war. They will be taking this quilt to auction off for the group.  I am going to explain the pictures in order they posted here but not necessarily in the way the quilt was made.  This was just three sections of the quilt. I could not wait to put it on something to see how it looked.DSCN1437

A close up of one of the blocks and yes I know the PEACE SIGNS ARE UPSIDE DOWN because the block is upside down. Not in the quilt but when I was making a photo of some of the blocks.DSCN1438

At one time this was how it was looking.. ALL A MESS on the tableDSCN1439

Here it is in the floor minus the borders on the outside. They are a beautiful navy blue.DSCN1441

The peace signs are in proper order now!DSCN1444

I really loved this quilt. All the gorgeous fabrics.DSCN1445

I had to take this picture. Sunday I woke up early in the AM 3:00 am I think it was or 3:30 I am still so tired I can not remember to work on this quilt and we stopped at 7 pm finished. I had Gary here cutting and Linda my friend was also cutting the borders and checking to see if I had everything that was suppose to be. She had already made one for her and you all should see it … GORGEOUS.. Well it was funny that evening I had Gary aka Little Precious in the kitchen cutting up veggies for our salad and Linda moved over to my machine when I went to check on Precious and I came back laughing. I said “I have one in the kitchen cooking and one in the sewing room sewing. Life is good! I could have not finished this quilt without Linda or Little Precious. That is one sweet husband and one sweet lady friend. I am blessed.DSCN1446

Here it is all finished out on mine and Gary’s bed.  I have never been so glad to see something finished in my entire life. It is not due to be auctioned off until June or July I can’t remember which but I wanted it finished and then off to the long arm lady then back for the binding and locked back up in our steel storm shelter inside our home. I am NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES.DSCN1447

Just another shot of itDSCN1450 DSCN1451 DSCN1452 DSCN1453

In my previous posts about Agent Wade I carry on things for fun and yes we do get work done.. I however this time am very serious, if it had not been for Gary doing all the cutting and at the end Linda helping me put it together I still would be working on it today. I truly appreciate having both of them in my life. Oh did I mention Linda made one of the blocks? One was giving me trouble she stepped up used her own fabric and came back the next Sunday with it.. Now that is a friend!

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WELL HELP MY TIME. After using a seam ripper for 50 years or so it seems.. As long as I can remember.  I finally learned today how to use one properly.

This is going to make life a little easier here at the Wheeler Household for Little Precious. He is known as  “Precious The Ripper” here on Rickey Road.

I am appalled.. I just guess I figured that red ball was for looks or an ornament of sorts.

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Another UFO Down For The Count!

First of all thanks to the thousands that have read my blog and continue to read it. I appreciate it. I go daily and look at the total.. A BIG THANK YOU.. I will try to post more. I am truly busy in our life and we are having a wonderful time so I do not get to blog as much as I do. When I do and you read.. That makes me very happy. Now on to the story.

Agent Wade of the LFALA UFO Division decided to eliminate the world of another UFO. She worked on this beautiful quilt today and we totally were satisfied with how it turned out. We started around lunch and ended at ten tonight. It sure was fun and a gorgeous quilt. Linda did a wonderful job.

This is called Stack and Whack. Now Agent Wade will have to explain sometimes how that works. I have not made one ……yet. You see the YET.

DSCN1394DSCN1396DSCN1399DSCN1392Lovely fabric.


Here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy. It was a wonderful day with a truly friend I am blessed with. Well actually two. Little Precious helped us all day long. He hung in there without fussing.

Ok I worked on this block of the patriotic quilt I am almost finished with. Well I have three sections left to do, then sash it, quilt it, bind it, deliver it.  I’ll be done! It is going to a raffle for a good cause. More on that later.


Linda is getting really good on the flowers. DSCN1417

Linda is making a statement, she decided to add a tree on every one of her quilts. I have a hidden message in mine also. That way if they are every stolen or “misplaced” I can prove they belong to me.DSCN1430

.DSCN1424It sure looks good on the bed.

DSCN1433The back of the quilt.

I like the way if it felt good she did it.

Agent Wade left oh maybe brought ten quilt tops . I have not counted them but close to ten.  I will do some this week and she will be back next Sunday. I look so forward to Sunday’s.

Oh I almost forgot. Linda has FIVE of her quilt tops finished in to quilts and I have one PLUS eleven doll quilts. I would say pretty dang good for two “mature aged” women!!!!

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It’s My Quilt And I Can Do What I Want To, Do What I Want To!!!!!!

Well another quilt bit the dust today. I got up this morning and went in the sewing room and Lizzie looked so sad sitting there all empty.

DSCN1329I looked through my many tubs of tops and found one I wanted to quilt. You see Gary aka Little Precious made this top for me a long time ago. It is called the Postage Stamp Quilt pattern. Or that is what we call it. Well I was going through my tubs and found it. Notice I said TUBS.

DSCN1331Time to load this baby on the frame!


I was placing it on the frames to see if I have enough of the backing batting. I did.

To all you  non quilters you want to see what the back of a top looks like. A MESS.  To be such a mess only to have the front turn out so beautiful. That is like life. You may be gorgeous on the outside but a mess on the inside!



HHMMM I wonder if I have enough fabric for the back. This is one out of 25 bookcases!DSCN1338

FOUND IT.. see it on the photo. It is face down. That is because when I finish quilting I do not want the good side on the inside and the inside on the outside! I am getting more and more like Edith Bunker by the day! I just ramble on. Help me if I start singing like she does.DSCN1341

It is rolling up nicely and the stitching looking great. I love the back as well as the front.DSCN1345

You know what this means??? All finished and ready to take off the frames.DSCN1355

The finished product. No it will not be used on a bed. It is mine all mine and I am going to as my Deara says “wad up in the recliner with it.” In other words I am going to use it in the winter when I am in the recliner relaxing.DSCN1359

I really like the quilt.DSCN1362

I know you will not be able to see the quilting and all different colors of bobbin thread I used. What I did was I had about six bobbins that was either full or a little bit on the bobbin and I used them regardless of the color. I did not care about all the different colors of thread, it is mine and colorful like I am. It worked out well. I used up the bobbins only to turn around and fill them back up with my stand alone bobbin winder. I laugh sometimes at the garb I put on to go out somewhere. I just grab anything. Nothing matches and then I get a glimpse of myself in a mirror and think “girl you look like a rodeo clown.”DSCN1365

Front and back.  I am crazy about it. Now I have to put the binding on. I will do that in all colors. Hey I may even take the back fabric and make a binding. I like different. Thanks Little Precious. I now have a treasure from you to me to keep forever.DSCN1368Agent Wade will be here tomorrow.  I can’t wait.




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Another One Bites The Dust.

Nothing like your dear friend handing you a bag and saying “here you quilt this.” I can only imagine the look on my face when Agent Wade gave me one of her prized tops to quilt. I figured I’d be banished from the UFO LFALA DIVISION or at least lose my rank!

Did I take the challenge? I sure did. I took the quilt top and backing, came home and loaded it up on Lizzie.  I just finished the top tonight. Agent Wade gave me full permission to just quilt as I felt like it. That is what I like. Those free as a bird quilts. You do whatever makes you feel good.

Here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed quilting the fan quilt.

Until later,


DSCN1316 DSCN1317 DSCN1318 DSCN1319 DSCN1320 DSCN1321 DSCN1322 DSCN1323 DSCN1324 DSCN1325 DSCN1326 DSCN1328I like the back as well as the front!

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Agent Wade Struck Again! One More UFO Down For The Count!

Agent Wade of the UFO Department LFALA Division came today to the house and we worked on UFOs.. Well actually my project is not a UFO it is a project I am working on.. She is quilting one of about fifty quilt tops she has. We plan on getting a lot of practicing doing away with the UFO population in our area. So watch out!

Oh how she is doing just a wonderful job on her techniques. She works that machine like she was born to do this. It is a natural to her.

I am enjoying the company of Agent Wade and also I am learning. I have been quilting doll quilts . Today I finished two before she got here. I let her use the machine all by herself on Sunday. I figure I can work it all week long and she can use it when she is off.

I truly look forward to Sundays.  We always have a lunch. Gary joins us.  She left her next top with me and I plan on having it loaded ready to go when she gets here so she can waste zero time. You all should see this beauty. I would sneak you all a peek but then that would not be fun would it?  It is an oriental pattern. GORGEOUS. You know how it is when your UFO population is overrun.. YOU HAVE TO GET BUSY TO ELIMINATE THEM! SO Agent Wheeler about to sign off and call it a night. Agent Wade is on her way home.

Here are some pictures. The quilt is called a Gordian Knot. Which number I do not know. There are about 10 different patterns.  I know she left a huge book of patterns here and I plan on looking through them. When I get my project finished LOOK OUT.. You will not hear a peep out of me. Hush up I heard you say “Thank you Lord under your breath.”

Somehow WordPress loaded the pictures in a funny order. But you will get the idea of what is going on.

Until next time….

DSCN1260 DSCN1261 DSCN1278 DSCN1275 DSCN1274 DSCN1273 DSCN1272 DSCN1271 DSCN1270 DSCN1269 DSCN1267 DSCN1266 DSCN1265 DSCN1264 DSCN1263 DSCN1262


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