The 17th Day of Christmas Here Is Your Cane M’Lady

I posted this last Christmas and it is such a nice story from my life I wanted to post it again for the new readers.
Here’s your walking cane my lady!
Posted on December 23, 2009 by chris

Do any of you remember those plastic candy canes that were full of hard candy, you know the bottom was plastic and the top that curved was  styrofoam sprayed red?  I even think there was some type of velvet ribbon going down the plastic to make it look like stripes and a plastic poinsetta tied around the top.

In the 6th grade, in Mr. Kirkpatrick’s class we drew names. The person that drew my name was a boy but I did not know that at the time. Back during that time the majority of us did not have a lot, some real less than others. Well I won’t name this person because I don’t want to embarrass him but they even had less than my family did and we were pretty bad off.

The “boy” that drew my name brought one of those candy canes. It was under the tree unwrapped. Mr. Kirkpatrick gave us a party and after that he told us he was going to let the boys give out their names first.  I anxiously awaited to see if I was in that group of first gifts. When it was the “boys” time he walked up to the tree and picked up the cane and walked down the first row to the back. Yep it was for me.. I remember him saying “Here’s your cane my lady!” I could tell he was embarrassed of his gift but I smiled took it and thanked him.  Every Christmas from that day back when I was in the 6th grade I think of him every time at Christmas when I see those canes in the stores. It was a sacrifice for his family to even purchase that small gift.  Now today the person has a good job, good wife and did well for himself.  I thank him for the memories of those Christmas Canes! I think about him every Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE DELIVERER OF THE CANE TO THE LADY! Yes I really did like it!  

** Note** I am looking in the stores for one of the canes this year. It really truly was very special . Last year when I posted this I sent an email to the person and he remembered the day and was happy I printed it. For the remainder of school that day he would ask me if I really liked his present. Of course I did. I knew it came from his heart.  Merry Christmas “K”, you know who you are!

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  1. Kim Henkel says:

    I am so happy to say that Henrietta the chicken postcard arrived safely at my house today. I was thrilled to find her in my post box. Thanks so much!