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Famous Dinner Guest For Christmas

  I am setting the stage! Dinner party for 10. You can invite anybody that has ever been in existance. Think about it all day and tonight post: 1.  Who would you invite? 2.  Why? 3.  What would you serve? … finish reading Famous Dinner Guest For Christmas

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Fun and Done Quilts

In my shop on  I now have the Fun and Done Tool, The Batting Buddy and 11 patterns. FREE SHIPPING!  I am working on getting a tutorial together for this but when you finish this quilt top, the quilt … finish reading Fun and Done Quilts

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Digging for buried treasure!

 Digging for buried treasure!   Busted!    Goodbye, hope to see you soon!  Send letters and money!   SHEEEEESSSS  BBBBAAACCCKK! We have dug up one of those clear white storage bins half full. We are off to the beach digging … finish reading Digging for buried treasure!

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Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath!

      How to make you own bath salts.  Use what herbs you have growing in your yard.  Get a big glass container with screw on lid. Layer sea salt, herbs, sea salt, herbs in that order and make … finish reading Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath!

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I love this blog!

  Meet Sheryl. I believe when I find a great blog I need to share! I found Sheryl online I think off Steven Vinson’s blog. Sheryl has 3 great sites. I just really enjoy reading about her adventures especially her … finish reading I love this blog!

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The Love Birds!

We had just been to a birthday party for our Aunt Elsie who turned 90. She looks and acts like she is 50! One of the smartest women I know.  Very kind and still raising two boys who are her … finish reading The Love Birds!

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Vintage Quilt Pattern

6 Point Flower Garden    

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How Lane Cake Got It's Name

I have had so many people ask me how Lane Cake got its name I decided to do a search and this is what I found out! Lane Cake is an incredibly rich butter cake, almost a pound cake, with … finish reading How Lane Cake Got It's Name

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