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“Mama he’s looking at me again!”

Remember when you were kids and one of your brothers or sisters would stare and you and make faces and you would holler “Mama he is looking at me again!” Well believe this or not but I have witnesses.  Every … finish reading “Mama he’s looking at me again!”

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Face Jugs by Gaither Pottery

                              My all time favorite pottery is the face jugs.  We have a man here in Locust Fork, Alabama who makes these.  I am ashamed to say … finish reading Face Jugs by Gaither Pottery

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6 Hour Quilt.

            I made this quilt about 2 years ago for a friend of mine. It is called a 6 hour quilt.  When you finish with the quilt it is finished, no taking to the longarm … finish reading 6 Hour Quilt.

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Adventure at the Bass Pro Shop, Leeds AL

  The Bass Pro Shop in Leeds, Alabama.. Real nice place with everything you can imagine and more!                                                                                                                      … finish reading Adventure at the Bass Pro Shop, Leeds AL

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Me and a child called IT !!

  I love this picture of me and It.  I really was putting the hug on her!! I think I was missing some teeth!!!  Oh those childhood days!  I dont think we hardly ever wore shorts or pants! It is … finish reading Me and a child called IT !!

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Santa Claus

  Well another Christmas passed and I did not get a durn thing I wanted!

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Happy Birthday To Me…Happy Birthday To Me!

  This was taken a long time ago.. But this little girl has a birthday today, the 25th!! Happy Birthday little girl!!!!    Hey.. it is ok that I want myself to have a happy birthday!!

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Here's your walking cane my lady!

Do any of you remember those plastic candy canes that were full of hard candy, you know the bottom was plastic and the top that curved was  styrofoam sprayed red?  I even think there was some type of velvet ribbon … finish reading Here's your walking cane my lady!

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