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Postcards I received this week.

  Mary C. Just sent this to me because she is a nice person. No swap, no nothing. She said ” Sending you a PC just as a little thank you!”  Well Mary I want to thank you very much for … finish reading Postcards I received this week.

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This is for you Penny Fikes!

  Three loads of clothes on the line almost dry with no indication of rain anywhere.  Then all of a sudden it was like God opened the windows of Heaven with hosepipes.  Just a big lot dumped at one time!  … finish reading This is for you Penny Fikes!

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Sweet Baby Sugar

Today we got to see our great niece, Kaylee .  She is adorable and has such a sweet little spirit about her.  Here is a couple of pictures.  I wanted to take her and run and keep her forever but … finish reading Sweet Baby Sugar

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I Love You More Than Forrest Gump Loved Jenny!

Gary and Chris Wheeler, Bishop Ronald Acker.    Look at us holding hands.. We still do! June 12, 1987 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY, I GOT YOU ON MY MIND! I was working at the Post Office in Birmingham  in 1986, NOT looking … finish reading I Love You More Than Forrest Gump Loved Jenny!

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Felicia Acevedo This Is For You!

  I look like I am starring on Little House On The Prairie! Well it may look goofy but it kept me cool and no bugs came near me.. Can you blame ’em?

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Cards I Received This Week

  Sandra J.   Carolyn M.    Carolyn M..     I could not help but laugh. She said ” I do not wear heels but if I did they would be red with a red necklace.” 

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Meet The Ethridges

  Kim, Chase and Curt Ethridge. Thanks Michael Greene for sending this.  Kim is our daughter and she married Curt today. Curt has a son Chase.  So now we have another great son in law and family. Gary and I … finish reading Meet The Ethridges

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This Computer is Haunted!

I was not even finished posting my pictures and I looked and they had been published! So here goes some more.   Rachel P. Another card from my Birdhouse Garden Swap.    Karen N.. I just love fairies in the … finish reading This Computer is Haunted!

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