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September Give A Way

  Good Witch, Bad Witch, we love them all! So in honor of all of us witches..oh did I say that???  Well I decided I will be giving away Wizard Of Oz Fabric and Halloween Fabric. You can believe there … finish reading September Give A Way

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Who Said The Number 13 Is NOT Lucky! NOT JACKIE DAVIS!

  Congratulations to you and who says the number 13 is not lucky. I wrote down names, the Random Generator picked and JACKIE DAVIS, Congratulations, Maxine will be coming to live with you.. Well the fabric anyway. I sent you … finish reading Who Said The Number 13 Is NOT Lucky! NOT JACKIE DAVIS!

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More Frugal Sites    I really like this site.

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Shannon’s Frugal Hints.

I love thrift stores! The problem with shopping at thrift stores is you can end up spending more money in them than shopping at department stores on clearance. Most thrift stores have weekly specials on certain colored tags. The two … finish reading Shannon’s Frugal Hints.

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Grandmother Fan Quilt

  Finally the quilt top is finished. Now on to the quilting part.  I did buy some very interesting fabric for the back. I really like it. When the quilt is finished I will post a back picture as well as … finish reading Grandmother Fan Quilt

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A New Meaning To Ordering Groceries

  Living at Granny’s house and growing up in Piedmont, AL we had some strange sayings. Granny would call Harbin Morgan’s store and “Order Groceries”  instead of saying I need to go to the grocery store to shop .  I still catch myself … finish reading A New Meaning To Ordering Groceries

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A Very Good Day Was Had By All.

Just an all in all good day. Met my web master Carol Logan Newbill at Whole Foods. Had a very good lunch there and then when we finished eating  I was going out to my car to get my computer and … finish reading A Very Good Day Was Had By All.

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Postcards I Received This Week


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