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Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?

Today we had a visitor. He sure enjoyed his time with Great Aunt Jan She was whispering sweet nothings in his ear! Then Granny had to hold Adam standing next to his Mommy. Granny looks like she is sitting in … finish reading Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?

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Crafty Gemini Give A Way  Vanessa at Crafty Gemini has a tutorial on a baby burp bib and making the bias tape with a Simplicity Bias Tape Maker. She is also giving one away. Click on the above to get the details. It is … finish reading Crafty Gemini Give A Way

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                          42 years ago, Heaven on Earth.. Woodstock began. If I could go back in time I WOULD HAVE BEEN there, no telling what I would have been doing … finish reading OH MY DO I FEEL OLD !

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We Were Busy Bee’s Today.

Yesterday we cleaned half our home and today we finished the other half. It was not dirty but just needed a good cleaning.. I guess like spring cleaning but this is fall cleaning. It does feel like fall in the … finish reading We Were Busy Bee’s Today.

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I Have A Question

Do any of my readers use a New Home Memory Craft 8000 sewing machine?  Let me know I may have something for you that I do not need anymore. Free of charge.

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Meet Vanessa, The Crafty Gemini

  I have been having major problems getting my binding to work correctly on my quilts at the very end when you join the two pieces. Granny taught me long time ago the old fashioned way of where you just … finish reading Meet Vanessa, The Crafty Gemini

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All My Pretties And More

My mailbox has been packed full lately. I have been getting some beautiful things from the ladies in Trading Fabric Postcards. Here are some things for you to enjoy. Also we have a website   You will probably even see … finish reading All My Pretties And More

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I Need Some Fabric!!

This is a joke! Needing more fabric.  We have been talking about going through our fabric stash and organizing. You know, putting all the same color scheme in one tub. Well this morning we got up and after we had … finish reading I Need Some Fabric!!

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