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Another Free Quilt Pattern From American Quilters Society

Here is another free quilt pattern I received in an email  

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I Had An Idea

From now on any quilt I make I think I am going to use a chart to glue a piece of the fabrics that I used on the chart and then write a description, notes, thoughts or whatever about the … finish reading I Had An Idea

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Desperate Housewives Quilt

I love the TV Show Desperate Housewives. I can’t wait till each Sunday night to see what those ladies on Wisteria Lane have been up too.  Well the show is going off this season much to my sorrow. I was … finish reading Desperate Housewives Quilt

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Happy 500th Show To The Simpsons I watched about 18 years of the Simpsons. They have been on 23 years. Tonight is their 500th show. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie I wish you well and hope to see you for 23 more years, Just … finish reading Happy 500th Show To The Simpsons

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Do Not..I Repeat Do Not Throw Those T-Shirts Out!

A lot of folks make T-shirt quilts out of them.  Mary Jane’s Farm ladies make rugs.  It does not matter if they are faded. As long as there are not holes and you can cut up you will be fine … finish reading Do Not..I Repeat Do Not Throw Those T-Shirts Out!

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I do not crochet anything but a Granny Square. I have made two afghans out of that pattern. I do like to look at crochet items and I found this where you can load FREE patterns. Check it out and … finish reading FREE CROCHET PATTERNS

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Frugal Living

White Vinegar Rinse I used to buy cream rinse for my hair after I had shampooed. It conditioned my hair quite well. However, it also cost money. It wasn’t a lot, but it is the nickels and dimes that do … finish reading Frugal Living

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Sewing Expo March 8-10

Click here for the information  

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