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List Of Quilt Shows In May Here is a list of quilts shows in May. Bookmark the site for the rest of the year.

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Flower Pot People Instructions.

I googled how to make Flower pot people and here is the site that I came up with.I hope you enjoy and I dont know why these quotation marks will not go away.. SORRY!!  

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Beeswax Candles…AWESOME

Check out these Beeswax Candles  . Thanks to Deep Fried Kudzu for the link. I am amazed at the work of others and what all Ginger at Deep Fried comes up with.

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May Give A Way

What can I say?  I decided to make May’s give a way a SURPRISE. You will not be disappointed! TRUST ME. My boxes are packed full. Click on comments. Leave a comment. Let me know where you live , the country. Sometimes I can’t … finish reading May Give A Way

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100 Blocks Blog Tour I think you all will enjoy this plus they are having give a ways.

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