A Change A Coming!

Well it is that time again! What you say? Time for me to change my style.  I know what you are thinking no one changes their style.  Well you need to if you are me. My wardrobe consists of blue jeans shorts, tie dye t-shirts, blue jean shorts, regular t-shirts, blue jean shorts, thrift store tops! Oh I forgot two pair of regular jeans. Never mind I have some of the most gorgeous jewelry on earth. That does not matter I never have given a rip about clothes.  Yes you heard it right.  I wear the same things all the time. I despise winter because that means long pants. I refuse to buy a pair of old lady pants (that is what I call dress pants, they make my skin crawl) and if you catch me in a pair of capris you will find me DOA and someone else has dressed me before they come pick up the body!

I never understood the capri concept. Do you want shorts on or do you want highwater pants on. That is what we used to call the ones that had on too short of pants legs. Highwater waters!  I see ladies with them on and socks where there is only one inch of leg showing. Can not even get a drop of air in the hot summer.  Either I wear long pants or shorts above my knees .   Ok on to a style I love but I have been too lazy to embrace it. Well it is time I change so here goes.

I found Tina Givens and her clothing patterns. There are even some freebies for you. I think I will try one freebie first to see how I can master sewing clothes. I never have been able to understand McCalls, Simplicity or Butterick patterns. They confuse the ____ out of me. I can take a quilt pattern read it from from from to back assemble it perfect. I can pick up one of these other patterns my mind goes blank and I end up taking it to someone to make it for me. To me they are the most confusing patterns on earth!  Kinda like my cookbook. . I can follow them to the letter and the food is pitiful!  Pick up that quilt book and perfection!  I never understood that.

Well what you all think? Should I give Tina Givens pattern a try ? I think so . I love the styles and seeing the beautiful clothes her models wear. If you see me in the store do not know who I am because I do not have on that pair of shorts with the hole in the back of them where I sat on a nail and I refuse to throw them away. Afterall people pay big bucks for jeans and such with holes in them and a tie dye well just come up and see if it is me!  I think a change is coming seriously! ( I just had a lady tap me on the shoulder this past weekend and tell me “honey I dont know if you know but you had a tiny rip in your pants.” I am like “yes this is on purpose, just be glad you do not see flesh.”  Today I cut a few more pieces out of the front and side of the shorts so they will think it was bought on purpose. I kinda like it , colored underwear and it makes for an interesting conversation.

Life is too short to be boring. Yes my husband has his hands full but over the last 29 years he has gotten to where he just goes with the flow!!!


Check out Tina’s entire website.

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One Response to A Change A Coming!

  1. Go for it!! Those are very loose and easy going clothes which should suit you very nicely – certainly not to constraining and should keep you cool!!