A Nice Comment

I had someone to comment they liked my header. Well it is all my quilts on display at a church here where I live. They have a quilt show each fall and I took all my quilts there to be shown. I snapped this photo and was so glad. I love it. Here is the main photo and you can see I just clipped a bit of it to make the heading.


Yes all these were mine with the exception of some that Gary my husband made like the YoYo front right.

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7 Responses to A Nice Comment

  1. Billie K says:

    Beautiful and so many!

  2. Sarah Craig says:

    I didn’t even notice that they were on church pews before – what a great way to take the pic!!

  3. Deara says:

    So beautiful and colorful!!!!!!!!!!!!! A perfect place to display beauty.

  4. Carmela says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful quilts!

  5. Lynn Johnson says:

    Beautiful – yes! We are getting ready for the next Quilt Extravaganza the first Saturday in December. Hope to have a car show too.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I do like those quilts.