A Project A Day Report.

People HATE the new costume. 

On my last post about a project a day you can see I was flustered by not getting anything done this week. Well I am here to say after I finished posting we left the house. I went to the Galleria Mall in Birmingham, AL got a hair cut, bought 3 pairs of pants, sizes smaller than I have bought in the past so the Eat Right UAB program is working. Then I walked the mall and looked at some other stores. Went across the street to Jo-Ann Craft Store. I only got 3 spools of thread. Could not make up my mind what needed to be purchased. Then we went to Whole Foods Market and got some fruit and a couple of other things. This will save me a trip Wednesday. Stopped by Walmart Neighborhood Grocery Market to get something that I did not see at Whole Foods. Came home, fixed dinner, washed clothes, took a bath and now I am on the computer blogging! But I will say it is only 8:17 pm and if I were not ashamed I would go to bed. I am so sleepy and I am usually the one that stays up until 1AM or later nightly.  This new time has me all messed up. You knew that was coming did you not? We always blame the time change for everything.  Well I say go to bed when you get sleepy and get up when you have had enough.   Oh I called my brother Tommy and wished him a happy 50th birthday.  The baby is 50 years old now. That means I am getting a lot older , but wiser. I am the big sister.

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