A Very Good Day Was Had By All.

Just an all in all good day. Met my web master Carol Logan Newbill at Whole Foods. Had a very good lunch there and then when we finished eating  I was going out to my car to get my computer and saw David Norris, a local attorney with http://www.norrisinjurylawyers.com/  and old friend of my husband and myself eating. Stopped and chatted with him for a few mintues.

Carol and I came up with a lot of ideas and she really helped me with some problems I was having understanding some things on my blog.

She brought some beautiful minature and baby quilts she had made a long time ago. They were awesome.

She even brought some books she had put together. Very talented and a joy to be around. She is one smart woman and I just enjoy learning from her. 

After Carol left I had to do some grocery shopping at my favorite store, Whole Foods Market , Highway 280, in Birmingham. I was already there so I need to make good use of it. I need to protest until they build one here in Locust Fork, AL.   Oh that is a joke.  I dont think in my lifetime there will ever be one here.  It would be nice and I would work there for free! 

Well got home and had an email from a lady named Kathy. She has a post on her site about the rain plant of mine I wrote about several posts back. She gave a good detailed set of instructions on how to take care of it. I am looking forward to having a yard full of these.  I will be predicting the weather and calling the weathermen and women out, if they do not give the correct predictions. Visit here Zephyranthes is a Unique Plant

Oh it is just fun..No harm intended.

Now off to fixing my husband Gary’s dinner and I will be back later.  I am very thankful for good days like today.

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