This is no joke! Eva Grote who’s husband Gary owns a veterinarian

clinic in Texas sent this to me. This is the child of one of their employees.


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Rosalea is the daughter of one of our employees at Grote Vet Clinic…she was taken from her yard on Sunday, June 5, 2011. Rosalea has her little Yorkie dog with her. It is known that her father is the person who grabbed her….from her yard in Mineral Wells Texas. His name is Salvatore Giambanco, he is Italian, he is 39 years old, 6’1 tall, about 150 pounds…..he is known to drive a Dark colored Z 71 Pick Up Truck. However, when he took Rosalea from her yard and “took her to the store for Ice Cream”, it was reported that he was driving a Maroon SUV…numbers un-known. Please study these two pictures and if you see them, Please call 911 immediately or these departments: Mineral Wells Police Department, Weatherford Police Department or Parker County Sheriff. He was recently released from Palo Pinto County jail for assault. The family has no clue as to which direction he may be headed, so if you are in fast food places and or convenient stores, please look at any child that might be near you, if you think for one minute this might be Rosalea, PLEASE, do not hesitate to call 911, you may be saving Rosalea from abuse. Thank You and Please pray for Rosalea, she is a sweet little girl and by now is probably scared to death because she has not been taken back to her Mommy. Thank You all and God Bless You All for your prayers and help. See photo of the father below……….Blessings to You…Eva Grote
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  1. Greg says:

    I pray that the child is found safe.