Angel Embroidery Scissors

Angel embroidery scissors are on their way to WLQ. They will be on my site in a few days as soon as I get them in and get some good photos to post. In the meantime if you are interested in a pair of these you can let me know. 

They are going to be in 4 different colors

Black, Green, Pink and Blue.

They are going to be $7.00 in the USA and that includes shipping. They regular sell for $10.00 but I am offering a special for a short while. To all those that are in the area where I live, you will be able to get them at Dry Creek Antiques in Cleveland. AL. If you live outside of the USA I will have to check on postage.

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2 Responses to Angel Embroidery Scissors

  1. Marie says:

    I know I want 4(one of each color) They will make a great gift. So cute, I’ve never seen any like them. Can’t wait!!

  2. Karie says:

    Where can I find these and how much would a case be?