Another Made In The USA!

I guess I will have to give this one 99 percent MADE IN THE USA .. But all in all when you read the letter I got back from the representative you will see what I mean. I am pleased enough to shop there for that special Christmas gift and for me also.

Merle Norman Cosmetics. I heard and inquired and here is the answer.

Thank you for writing into the Corporate offices of Merle Norman

Many companies state that they are made in the USA but we believe
our company takes it to a whole new level. We are proud that our formulas
are made right here in the USA along with most of the compacts, jars,
bottles, caps and tubes in which our great products are packaged.
While we may source some items from overseas, we design our line so
that virtually all product and manufacturing of the finished good is done
here in the U.S.

There are a few select items that are not made here, some caps, two specialized tubes, our pencils and all the applicators (e.g. sponges, brushes, and pumps) and our new facial cleansing wipes.
That authenticity and dedication to the U.S. workforce is beyond comparison in this industry.

We do not have a jewelry lineĀ  all studios are independently owned and
operated, some studios have other items they sell but have to keep them
separate from the cosmetics.

Thank you for your continued use and support of our fine products.

Susan Ames
Merle Norman Cosmetics
Customer Service
Fax (310)645-8343


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