Auction Quilt

Well I do not know how the pictures came in this order but there is a story to tell here. A childhood friend of mine and her husband will be going to Branson this summer to his meeting of the 591st  Engineer Department of a group he was in during the Vietnam war. They will be taking this quilt to auction off for the group.  I am going to explain the pictures in order they posted here but not necessarily in the way the quilt was made.  This was just three sections of the quilt. I could not wait to put it on something to see how it looked.DSCN1437

A close up of one of the blocks and yes I know the PEACE SIGNS ARE UPSIDE DOWN because the block is upside down. Not in the quilt but when I was making a photo of some of the blocks.DSCN1438

At one time this was how it was looking.. ALL A MESS on the tableDSCN1439

Here it is in the floor minus the borders on the outside. They are a beautiful navy blue.DSCN1441

The peace signs are in proper order now!DSCN1444

I really loved this quilt. All the gorgeous fabrics.DSCN1445

I had to take this picture. Sunday I woke up early in the AM 3:00 am I think it was or 3:30 I am still so tired I can not remember to work on this quilt and we stopped at 7 pm finished. I had Gary here cutting and Linda my friend was also cutting the borders and checking to see if I had everything that was suppose to be. She had already made one for her and you all should see it … GORGEOUS.. Well it was funny that evening I had Gary aka Little Precious in the kitchen cutting up veggies for our salad and Linda moved over to my machine when I went to check on Precious and I came back laughing. I said “I have one in the kitchen cooking and one in the sewing room sewing. Life is good! I could have not finished this quilt without Linda or Little Precious. That is one sweet husband and one sweet lady friend. I am blessed.DSCN1446

Here it is all finished out on mine and Gary’s bed.  I have never been so glad to see something finished in my entire life. It is not due to be auctioned off until June or July I can’t remember which but I wanted it finished and then off to the long arm lady then back for the binding and locked back up in our steel storm shelter inside our home. I am NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES.DSCN1447

Just another shot of itDSCN1450 DSCN1451 DSCN1452 DSCN1453

In my previous posts about Agent Wade I carry on things for fun and yes we do get work done.. I however this time am very serious, if it had not been for Gary doing all the cutting and at the end Linda helping me put it together I still would be working on it today. I truly appreciate having both of them in my life. Oh did I mention Linda made one of the blocks? One was giving me trouble she stepped up used her own fabric and came back the next Sunday with it.. Now that is a friend!

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3 Responses to Auction Quilt

  1. Cheryl says:

    It turned out great!
    Cheryl´s last blog post ..Ottawa Quilt Show

  2. Bev says:

    Absolutely STUNNING.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt, love the design and the fabrics and it is a wonderful cause to help out. My husband helps with cooking and things, but not sure if I could get him to cut for me, lol. I did get him to wind up loose floss, once.

    Debbie St. Germain´s last blog post ..Friday Finishes!