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My webmaster Carol is like no other. She sets up your site, teaches you what you need to know to get started and you worry about nothing else. She is like our own personal Homeland Security for the blogging world. She keeps mine fine tuned, always upgrading, taking care of the security issues and I never give anything a thought unless I mess up something! Then I just email her and it gets fixed without a fuss!! She is the best and I plan on being with her for all time and eternity. I wonder if they have computers in Heaven!! Did I mention very affordable and her work is wonderful.

On a serious note she sent out an email about some problems on Blogger this week. Here is the post. Be sure to check the link she posted. It gives great instructions visual ones to help all of you that use Blogger.   Here is what she had to say.

Last week, the Blogger service was down for two days, during which time people
could not add posts or comments. Even scarier, several days’ worth of material
disappeared temporarily. Eventually everything was restored, but this was yet
another example of why putting your trust in an external service may not be a
good idea.

What would have happened if the techs couldn’t restore the lost posts? What
would have happened if the entire site had gone down — or the powers that be at
Google decided they didn’t want to be in the free blog business any more? What
if your blog had been reported for spam or inappropriate content and you were
completely locked out of it? Would you have to start all over?

“No problem,” you say. “I have all my years’ worth of posts and images — and
the comments! — backed up and can switch to another service in a heartbeat.”

Um… you do have everything backed up, don’t you?


Follow me over the jump and I’ll show you how.

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