Bloom-N-Pie Days Festival Tomorrow In Blount County, AL

Ok if you want a fried pie that we ALL love in the south you better get up and get ready to head to Harold & DeLois Dunn’s Daylillie farm 2395 Skyball Road, Hayden, Al 35079. Their phone is 205-429-2392.

In addition to the pies they will have loads of Daylillies and a special sale on some plants.  Saturday 12 noon and Sunday 2 pm there will be drawings for prizes. Choice Daylillies and Hydrangea’s will be given away. OVER 800 VARIETIES !!!

Did I say fresh homemade fried pies?  Now if any of my readers have ever been to Homestead Hollow in Springville, AL and bought the fried pies.. They were Lois’s.  This will be their 10th Anniversary  June 9-10 9 AM to 4 pm.. I WILL SEE YOU THERE!!!

I am going tomorrow to see if there is any Daylilie’s I need.. Oh who am I lying too.. I am going to get me either a fried peach, pecan, sweet potato, or probably chocolate pie.  THEY ARE SO GOOD I may get two!!!

Sounds like something to do. Bloom-N-Pie Festival!  Nice people and beautiful plants.

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One Response to Bloom-N-Pie Days Festival Tomorrow In Blount County, AL

  1. Aunt Jan says:

    Why did you wait til so late to tell me. I hope you get the “u know whats” eating those pies. I am salivating on keyboard.