Canning 101, How to ruin a good marriage or at least wreck your kitchen!



My brilliant ideas. Canning again. I swear every year after losing all my religion cussing because I get in this mess everytime, that I am NOT canning anymore. Yea right. Yesterday went to Farmers Market in Birmingham and got two , not one but two bushels of green beans. I have been canning them since 10 am and it is 5:31 pm and we are about half way through .  Thank goodness Gary and I had the common sense to break the beans up last night while we were clearing off taped shows on the DVR.  I am about half way finished with the canning. Maybe two more loads. I am about ready to eat them raw to keep from having to can them.

I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory Tin Sign

 Remember Lucy at the chocolate factory when she started stuffing chocolate down her blouse and in her mouth! I know exactly where she is coming from. If they had not been $35.00 a bushel I probably bury them!!  Oh well tomorrow will be another day, Scarlet, and I will be planning my next crop to can. I think  vegetable stew or crowder peas if I can find some. I want 6 bushels!! They come shelled from the market so I will not have to do that!





















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4 Responses to Canning 101, How to ruin a good marriage or at least wreck your kitchen!

  1. chris says:

    I will be more than glad to teach you to can!! I’d like to try to see you come by and swipe some of the goods!! I will be on the backporch with a shotgun aiming fer ya!!! Granny Clampett.

  2. Mary says:

    I can relate.

  3. Fain says:

    I’ll be buy to pick mine up later this summer. (LOL) You thought I never check out you blog didn’t you.

  4. chris says:

    Oh yes do come by. Gary would like to meet his competition…LG