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Kanzashi Flower Makers

Kanzashi is the traditional Japanese art of folding and stitching fabric into flowers. It is usually done with a silk type fabric but cotton works wonderful. It is just a little crispier. You can go to and view a … finish reading Kanzashi Flower Makers

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Kanzashi Flower Makers Coming Soon

There is a new kid in town. The Kanzashi Flower Makers by Clover-USA.  These will be listed here in my store  on We Love Quilting this week. Kanzanshi Tsunami is the Japanese art of using delicate silk fabrics or silk like … finish reading Kanzashi Flower Makers Coming Soon

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Gees Bend Quilt Kits

I received these 4 kits in yesterday after being backordered for a while. I have them for sale.    Work Clothes by Loretta Pettway Bennett Loretta Pettway Bennett was born in her grandparents home in 1960 and is the youngest … finish reading Gees Bend Quilt Kits

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Angel Embroidery Scissors

Angel embroidery scissors are on their way to WLQ. They will be on my site in a few days as soon as I get them in and get some good photos to post. In the meantime if you are interested … finish reading Angel Embroidery Scissors

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Push My Buttons..Or At Least Click On Them!

  At the top of this blog you will see, Home, Shop, Gallery, Quilts For Sale, Blog and more. Sometimes click on them and check them out. I am slowly but surely getting supplies and fabric on there for sale … finish reading Push My Buttons..Or At Least Click On Them!

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