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I Have A Question

Do any of my readers use a New Home Memory Craft 8000 sewing machine?  Let me know I may have something for you that I do not need anymore. Free of charge.

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I Need Some Fabric!!

This is a joke! Needing more fabric.  We have been talking about going through our fabric stash and organizing. You know, putting all the same color scheme in one tub. Well this morning we got up and after we had … finish reading I Need Some Fabric!!

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Miss Mary Mack

I started a cross stitch pattern a few years ago and my eyes would not let me finish it, so Eileen a friend of mine who loves to do this type of thing and is pretty good at it, took … finish reading Miss Mary Mack

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I Got Off My *** And Got Busy!

Yesterday I came somewhat out of my low funk, I do not want to say depression, I prefer to say something over took my body several months ago and I am trying to rid it. But yesterday I decided to ignore … finish reading I Got Off My *** And Got Busy!

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Good News, Sad News

  You all remember this picture that I found back during the April tornado’s in my back yard. Well there is a site on Facebook of lost items during the tornado. I joined and posted this. Yesterday someone claimed it. … finish reading Good News, Sad News

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To My Stalkers… Click on the link for a message to you from me!! Thank you for reading my blog. I hope I don’t disappoint you.

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This is no joke! Eva Grote who’s husband Gary owns a veterinarian clinic in Texas sent this to me. This is the child of one of their employees.   Rosalea is the daughter of one of our employees at Grote … finish reading AMBER ALERT ! ROSALEA GIAMBANCO…

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This has nothing to do with quilting. I am trying to do my sister Karen as you all know her as IT on here and her husband David a favor. Karen has MS. They bought this Theracycle II for a … finish reading Theracycle

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