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Pojagi Seam Technique

Well when you thought there was nothing left in the quilting sewing world left to come up with I found this Pojagi Seam Technique. Seems like it has been around a long time. How could I just have found out … finish reading Pojagi Seam Technique

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A Really Neat Idea

This was on a friend of mine Facebook page. She got it off Pinterest. Which by the way I LOVE!! I thought how wonderful this would be for anyone but especially family with children .¬† You could involve them , … finish reading A Really Neat Idea

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Another Helpful Tip From Pinterest.

WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT????  Use a glue top to put on acrylic bottles of paint..Then you can use it like a dimensional paint.

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I Just Gained 200 Lbs From Pinterest.

Some are saying “how did she do that?” From reading this blog post about these heavenly homemade rolls. Not only is there the recipe for the rolls, they have actual tutorial¬†pictures on how to do them. Just go to … finish reading I Just Gained 200 Lbs From Pinterest.

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