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A Free Block Pattern From The Modern Quilt Guild

Visit   It is a great site. You can sign up to receive emails and fortunately they do not fill your email box full. You get all kinds of great things from them. If I had not been receiving emails … finish reading A Free Block Pattern From The Modern Quilt Guild

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Japanese Afternoon Quilt Pattern From I get a lot of great emails from crafting sites. The above link has some great things on it.  is the place to go. They have everything, knitting, crocheting, quilting.  You can sign up to get emails from them … finish reading Japanese Afternoon Quilt Pattern From

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You Want To Hear Some Gossip? I figured you would. Craft Gossip has some beautiful places to go to so that you can view art quilts from IQA Houston. They are gorgeous.  Hope you enjoy.

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What Do You Do When????

What do you do when Mama is for the University of Alabama and Daddy is for Auburn University? Well this happens sometimes, but Aunt Jan came through.  Gary and I made this quilt for her to give to our new … finish reading What Do You Do When????

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We Were Busy Bee’s Today.

Yesterday we cleaned half our home and today we finished the other half. It was not dirty but just needed a good cleaning.. I guess like spring cleaning but this is fall cleaning. It does feel like fall in the … finish reading We Were Busy Bee’s Today.

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Love Me Tender

Everyone loves Elvis Presley. There is just something about his look and his voice that still makes us swoon. Tonight I heard from a friend from a while back. She was asking me something about an Elvis quilt.  I remembered … finish reading Love Me Tender

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Grandmother Fan Quilt

  Finally the quilt top is finished. Now on to the quilting part.  I did buy some very interesting fabric for the back. I really like it. When the quilt is finished I will post a back picture as well as … finish reading Grandmother Fan Quilt

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Grandmothers Fan

I am working on a Grandmothers Fan quilt for a lady in Tennessee. I love the colors and I bought the fabric at Joann’s fabric store very reasonable. Do you know if you belong to American Quilters Society you get … finish reading Grandmothers Fan

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