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Yellow Brick Road Part 1

I got started yesterday on the painting of the sidewalk. I was rolling it at first but it was really sucking up the paint and did not look good so I decided to get down on my knees on a … finish reading Yellow Brick Road Part 1

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Flower Pot People Instructions.

I googled how to make Flower pot people and here is the site that I came up with.I hope you enjoy and I dont know why these quotation marks will not go away.. SORRY!!  

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The Garden Of Eatin WEEK 1

I should say the Garden of Eden but since there are no cherubs with flames here and perfection I can’t call it that. Plenty of snakes. Thank goodness I have not run across one this year. Today we planted fifteen earth … finish reading The Garden Of Eatin WEEK 1

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3 3 3 What A Day!

Well as you can see, Gary and I got the three rockers painted and three rose bushes planted and only had three arguments. So yesterday was triple three day! Today is SEWING ALL DAY TODAY.. We are about to eat breakfast, go … finish reading 3 3 3 What A Day!

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Snakes Alive!

I am hoping to have a yard full of snakes this year! Well the above kind.. I just bought seeds to grow these gourds and when they are dry I will paint them to look like snakes. Is that not … finish reading Snakes Alive!

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Is There A Flower Doctor In The House?

  While Farmer Precious was gathering the crops….   WHEW!  I was out and about the back yard finding things of interest.   In a few weeks when I go to get this it better be there. We put up … finish reading Is There A Flower Doctor In The House?

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Homegrown Tomatoes

Day before yesterday this was facing me. These came from our garden that we are growing in the Earth Boxes and Grow Boxes. We have two different kinds. They are getting so heavy they are about to fall over. This fall … finish reading Homegrown Tomatoes

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Yard, Part 2

  Potatoes growing inside this blue bucket. Someone told me I had to wait until the green dies then the potatoes are ready to harvest. I will then take one side while Gary lifts the other and we will dump … finish reading Yard, Part 2

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