Cloth Napkins

I get a lot of good emails daily. This is something I plan on trying. is a good place to go for great ideas on making your money last. This was the article I got on my Facebook today.

Tuesday’s TDS Money-Saving Tip
Why I Use Cloth Napkins

I started using cloth napkins, not out of frugality, but because I like the texture of 100% double-ply cotton fabric napkins. But, it is a frugal choice as well. When my first child was born, I made about a dozen napkins in “kid prints.” I liked them so much that I’ve subsequently made about three dozen more! We use them every day. (I wash them in the same load as dishtowels and kitchen washcloths.)

It takes around ten minutes to stitch up one napkin. I construct the napkins by cutting squares of fabric right sides together (15″ squares work fine.) Then, I put two squares together and stitch up three sides. Turn. Press, folding under the last raw edge. Topstitch all four sides.

These napkins last a long, long time. The ones I made eight years ago are still in use, and I haven’t noticed any frayed edges.

We’ve had fun with creative designs, too. We’ve got napkins I made from all kinds of fabric (or fabric scraps).

editor’s question: Would you be willing to try using cloth napkins on a daily basis?

My note… I am planning on changing colors in my bathroom and it is time to get new towels. I am taking my old towels and making some napkins out of them. I will keep you posted on how it worka. I may just cut out my square and turn it under and hem it. After all a piece of terry cloth will be thick enough. I may even sew around the square without hemming it and just use my pinking shears. Oh how many ideas can I think of.

This has nothing to do with the napkins but when my washcloths get worn pretty good over the years I always put them up under the kitchen sink and bathroom sink and that is what I use to dust with or clean the bathrooms with. Throw in washer and save paper towels.  It just occurred to me why not buy the same colored bath cloths and use them for napkins. You can always find them pretty reasonable at stores like the Dollar Tree and use those only for napkins. Oh the ideas go on forever!

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