Cooking With Sadie


Well yesterday I got out of the house and went about 10 miles from here to the Pig. They were having a meat sale and I needed to get some things because I did NOT have a clue what I was going to feed my husband.

I got there and stocked up, lost the cover to his cellphone in the meantime, but got groceries, or as my Granny Sadie would say “I went and ordered groceries.” Today I decided I was going to roast the chicken.

I got the hen as Aunt Jan said it was.. Well a hen, rooster, baby chicken come under the CHICKEN category in my book but I will correctly say it, I decided to roast the hen.

First I gave it a bath.


While I was washing from one end I heard “Poot.”  I looked and this fell out.


I dont know what the heck this was in a previous life but now it is over the fence for the wild animals. Something this gross was NOT going in my crock pot.

I got the chicken all cleaned up and ready to put in pot. I then gave it a good rubdown with some Olive Oil from Whole Foods that has orange flavoring in it. I believe you call them  blood oranges. I then sprinkled some Northwoods seasoning from Penzeys over Miss Hen.

Here it is cooking away in the pot.

Now the chicken cooked all day in one crockpot and the one next to it a big batch of blackeyed peas .Our home smelled so good. We were upstairs sewing and it was smelling all the way up there. Tonight when it was ready I turned the pots off and let them sit there while I was making cornbread.

I buy Martha White Cornmeal Mix. The small bag. I open it and pour it out in a Tupperware cannister and leave it in the refrigerator all the time.

I got a tiny bowl that I can use to measure the meal and know exactly how much to make to fit my very small Lodge cast iron skillet and add buttermilk.

I use meal and buttermilk. No eggs no nothing else. While I am mixing the batter I have the skillet on the gas eye on the stove with a tiny bit of olive oil in it on medium. You do not want to heat up the olive oil on high. I use the kind with roasted tomatoes that I get at Whole Foods. When the oil heats up you will see a bit of smoke or steam coming off the oil. I cut the eye off and then I pour a tiny bit of oil in my mixture and stir and then pour the mixture in the skillet and transfer it directly to the convection oven that is preheated. Tonight I added cracklings. Here is the mixture.


Now here is the cracklings. For any of you who are not from the South.. They are pork rinds made to use in cornbread. You can use them in beans also if you like while they are cooking for flavor. You can see they look hard and crunchy and they are. But they soften when they cook and make the bread taste wonderful. It’s a southern “thang.”



Here is where you pour a tiny bit of grease in the mixture. Just a bit, you don’t want a lot.


Stir it well and pour it in your very hot cast iron skillet. I use a very small one. Maybe 4 inches across. You can already see it browning around the edges and it just sizzles when you pour the mixture in.


Here is two pones as we call them in the South in the convection oven. This is the greatest oven. It works at either a microwave or regular oven. I hardly microwave and it gets workout on the oven part. I rarely use my stove oven.  When the cornbread is done I take a metal spatula or knife and go around the edge and gently lift the bread out of the skillet. If you have your cast iron seasoned right it will work as good as if it were Teflon. I never wash mine. I know some are hollering gross but all that ever goes in this particular skillet is cornbread. When the cast iron cools down I take a papertowel and wipe it out and put in back in the big oven. I basically use the big oven to store my cast iron since most everything I cook goes in the convection oven or crockpot.


The broth from the chicken will go in freezer and when I need it to season beans or soup I will just take out the container, hold it for a few seconds under the hot water and pop it out and put it in the crockpot.


Not a good picture of the peas. It is hard to hold the camera and snap.


Gary says I make the best cornbread in the world. I MAKE THE BEST MESS IN THE WORLD.. here is where you can’t help it but to say *&^%&(**&^%  !!

There is no use crying over spilled milk or is there? Here is what happens when you drop the buttermilk, it goes ALL in the refrigerator, all over the floor, in your hair and clothes and you just got out of the tub with clean gown on.


After you get all the food served, kitchen cleaned, floor mopped now it is time to sit down, work on your blog, talk with others on Facebook and have a treat.


MMMM ..the good life!

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6 Responses to Cooking With Sadie

  1. Well, I was hungry till the saw those throw aways, lol.
    Then I saw the rest and now I am hungry again, looks so good. I love good old fashioned foods and gravy with mashed potatoes and…. I need to get to the store, I am out of food myself;)


  2. Aunt Jan says:

    As weird as you are, I am SURPRISED you cooked hen after the autopsy, GROSS!!!

  3. Honeychile, you tossed out the liver!

    One liver by itself usually gets cooked and frozen to put into the dog food when I have enough of them, but since I usually cook two or three chickens at a time I usually have several livers. Fry them in a little butter — no flour, no breading, nothing — chop them up and eat with scrambled eggs. Fantastic.

  4. Kathy says:

    Silly girl…they package some “innards” with the bird so you can boil them…then chop the liver along with some onion and a boiled egg, heavy cream, or whatever recipe you like for giblet gravy! And, because they are included…you got a hen. LOL!

  5. Cheryl says:

    I’m from the south, but, I’ve never had cracklins. I use Jif cornbread mix. My mamma didn’t cook if she could help it. That chicken and blackeyed peas sound so good. I just might have to make some myself. I haven’t done them in a crock pot before. I love chow chow on my blackeyed peas. YUM!

  6. Cheryl says:

    Oh yea, I cook the inards of the bird in water and give it to the dogs. They love them. I like the new yo-yo’s in the header.