Digging for buried treasure!

100_5606 Digging for buried treasure!

100_5609  Busted!


100_5610 Goodbye, hope to see you soon!  Send letters and money!


We have dug up one of those clear white storage bins half full. We are off to the beach digging again today.. It is so much fun. Dig about 4 feet deep and you hit something that sounds like rocks.. Keep on digging around and you find so many shells it is not funny.  Like picking Easter Eggs.

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3 Responses to Digging for buried treasure!

  1. Deara says:

    Did they keep you long in lockup? Hope Big Bertha took care of you. Why didn’t u call me, I would have brought my man and come to your rescue!

  2. chris says:

    Oh Deara, You know I had someone to pay my bail.. He fussed and moaned but in the end he came and got me out! Big Berth sends her love!! Hello Doll is what I think she said to pass along!

  3. BJ Lyle says:

    Sounds like one of those places that sells seashells by the seashore left behind a tub of shells & it got buried & you dug it up! Wow!
    Glad you got out of lock up quickly!
    You should post some of those shells you found on here!
    Just for making people jealous, kind of purposes, you know???!!!