Doll Quilt Swap

 Natasha’s daughter Amelie.

This week Gary went to the Post Office and when he came back he said I had a package. Well this is not unusual because I am always getting something in I have bought online. When I saw the package was from Berlin Germany I thought something was not right!  Well I was correct. When I opened the package something was not exactly right it was ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY. Inside I had a doll quilt, a big bar of the most delicious chocolate and a piece of fabric. There was not card, nothing. I thought for a minute and I could not figure out who was sending me something from Germany. I flipped over the envelope and thank the good Lord on the back of the package was a note and a blog.  Http://   That is all that saved me. I got on Natasha’s blog and found out it came from a doll quilt swap I joined a while back and forgot about it.   I want you all to go to the above blog and look at her work and blog. It is awesome. Natasha is one creative woman. The little lady in the photo holding up my quilt is Amelie her daughter. Is she not adorable?  I hope to continue a life long friendship with Natasha. She really made my day by making this magnificent quilt.  Thank you Natasha. It is beautiful and so is all your other work.  Please visit her blog.

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