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Don Keith





Back in 1972 when I graduated from high school I was fortunate enough to have a job waiting on me. Receptionist at WVOK Radio in Birmingham, AL the Mighty 690. If any of you from the South remember it was the station that produced the “Shower of Stars.”

It was THE station. None compared to it.  Well I met a lot of nice people there, Johnny Davis(Jim Romine), Dan Brennan, Joe Rumore, Curly Fagan and Don Keith.  I was thinking one night about my experiences at the station and I googled Don Keith and found him. We started emailing and then friends on Facebook and so on. I found out in addition to his regular job he is an author.

I bought a couple of books not knowing what to expect since I had only known him and his powerful deep voice on radio . I was very pleased with his writings. My husband is a huge fan of anything to do with submarines and he fell in love with Don’s books about submarines. Gary’s father was in the Navy and you know how boys are they just love anything about ships and submarines.

I got a message from him tonight that his new book is ready and he will be doing a book signing at Alabama Booksmith, in Homewood, AL. Here is the information.   November 15 at 4 pm!

You may read about Don here at his site

My favorite book is Wizard of the Wind. I guess it made me think of my days at “VOK” and all the nice people I came in contact with. The book was fiction. My experiences were real and eye opening!

Hopefully if nothing happens I along with my husband Gary will walk up to him at the signing and say “Do not act like you do not know who I am!” He probably will not. 1972 sure has been a long time but I will forever remember that voice and the kind man behind it.

He and his wife Charlene live in Alabama. Very nice people and Don is a very good author. So think about that special person in your life and get them one of Don’s books for Christmas or  birthday or just for no reason at all. Or for yourself. I have enjoyed the books also. I really think you will not be dissappointed!

If you are in the Birmingham, AL area or nearby please come to the signing.

Oh and on the BIG HAM.. Ham radio operator.  N4KC on the call letters!  Don I hope I said that part right!!!

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