I want to believe UFO picture

I get a bazillion(is that a word) emails a day. Some are junk and some are treasures. The ones I receives from All People Quilt are treasures.

Here is a wonderful suggestion to eliminate UFOs. It is called the 2015 UFO Challenge.


I am up for it. Who knows I may be able to finish more than one a month. I have found that if I have a list I can check it twice see who is naughty  oh wait that is another season another time. I have found if I have a list of things I want to accomplish it is much easier to do one mark it off and go on to another one.  I also try to make myself do the one I dread the most get it out of the way so I can go on to ones that I enjoy.

Hope to see you eliminating the UFOs of your life!

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One Response to ELIMINATE THE UFOs 2016

  1. I have such a long list, it is too overwhelming, lol.
    I need to make quilts for my grandson to fit his new bunks and a new baby this year, so that will keep me busy. I do have a new sit down quilter coming, so I will put some tops together and finally finish some quilts. I like the idea, but I tend to work by what inspires me at the moment, today I am in the mood to needle felt. I also received your beautiful card, thank you so much.