Fabric Postcards I Have Received Recently.

I must say I am sorry I have not posted the cards lately.  I am so behind in making them and in posting the ones I have gotten. Yard work has been taking up my time.  I think you will enjoy this Postcard Parade.

Mary how did you know we were getting chickens for our coop??? Thank you for sending me the first two.. And they are so cute with their little purple fabric yo yo's. Thanks to Nancy B. She sent me this Seminole Indian design. I love it. On the back of her card was stampled "Happiness is patching together life's pieces." Well said Nancy. Trading Fabric Postcard Quilt Pattern Swap.

Jasmine, besides having a beautiful name you sent me a beautiful card. I love it. I sure wish we lived closer and could go on a picnic together. I have a very old basket that belonged to my mother in law. Plus a red checkered tablecloth..not just on my blog but here in the house also. Great job. Love the card. Trading Fabric Postcard Summer Love swap. Thank you.

I think we could hold off our picnic until the Fourth of July what do you all think? Karen S. I just love this card. I have a love affair with buttons. Aunt Jan hunts for them at garage sales for me. Remember that Jan when you go to Oregon.. Well Karen you made my day with the flag. It is absolutely adorable. I am singing "Oh Say Can You See.. The Beautiful Card Karen S. Sent to Me?

Just because I love this!! From time to time I have a member of the group to send me a just because card. It is a lot of work taking care of a group but I love every minute of it and each and everyone that is in the group. Jeanette S. Sent me a "just because" card. I appreciate it so much. It is beautiful and the saying, well it says it all. "The World Is Full Of Cactus, But You Don't Have To Sit On It! Well said Jeanette and I do love it and you for sending it. A BIG THANK YOU!

"Frankly My Dear I think Carolyn Gave A Da**!! Great card. Southern Belle Swap on Trading Fabric Postcards. I am still working on mine and hope to have them out by Monday! I love this card. We Southern ladies can relate can't we.. I know if I had to wear a dress like this today I would not even have to wear a bustle! 🙂

Nancy T. what store did these adorable shoes come from? I guess I am going to have to start shopping up north! I love these flip flops. Nothing flopping about them. Did you do them on your sewing machine. Great job..TFPC Group 11

Doreen D. when you get ready to "sit a spell" and have our ice cream social let me know.. I will have 1/2 strawberry and 1/2 half rocky road! I love it that way. I have fond memories of my granny making the "cream" as she called it in one of those old ice cream makers where you had to turn the crank until it would turn no more. Oh those were good times. Thank you for the beautiful card and making me think of the good memories.

Miriam , you wont believe it.. I just planted some identical flowers as this one on the card. I love it. The little girl is so cute with her bonnet on. Thank you so much. Fabricards 1 to 1 swap #59

Tea for Two.. Hey I am up for it. Maybe we could invite Queen Elizabeth. I think she has tea each day at 4 pm. This card is so adorable. I love the way you put the steam coming out of it with thread and the spoon. Oh precious. Thank you Carolyn M.. You do great work! TFPC 25-2

Tracey, If we lived closer just think we could sit on my sunporch, talk about postcards and drink Hurricanes! Thank you for the beautiful card. I just loved it. The recipe idea was great. Sounds good also. I will let you know! THANK YOU. TFPC 25-2

Stephanie L TFPC SUMMER SHAKER card. I saved this one for last for this reason. I wanted you to see the front and back and what you can do with cards. This is a beautiful card. Stephanie cut out the watermelon shape and put plastic on the back of it so that she could insert beads and when you shake the card they shake. For the back she took and turned the fabric so that the front side would be down against the card to get the pretty design to show through. In the next card picture you will see how she used the back. I love this card. Very well done

You are looking at the back of Stephanie's card. She has the wrong side of the fabric here showing so that she could let the right side show through the front of the card where she cut out and the back side would be a faded version of the front and you could write on it. I do this sometimes. If I have a floral print or something I like I will turn it around and fuse it down to the card and use the wrong side to be showing to write on. Makes an interesting card. There are so many possibilities in making these. Thank you Stephanie. I love the card and I hope you are ok.

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