Fabric To South Africa Thank you.

I received the following email from Els van der Bijl on the fabric you ladies have sent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and hers also.

Hi dear Chris!! This afternoon I received 2 boxes filled ’till the top with the most beautiful fabric!! Wow, that is given with big hearts. And I received 2 envelopes with also the most beautiful fabric.
I received from our Post Card friend Marlene Pantos 2 big pieces of fabric, and from Diane Piskur also a big big piece of fabric, must be 2 yards +.
And you know the one box is from Shirley Swift-Bruner with all that lovely, lovely fabric.
The second so heavy box – is this one from you? The most marvellous wonderful fabric inside.
You girls have such big hearts for our ladies. Thank you so much. We do appreciate it soooo much.
Love, Els

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