Famous Dinner Guest For Christmas


dinner party clipart

I am setting the stage!

Dinner party for 10.

You can invite anybody that has ever been in existance.

Think about it all day and tonight post:

1.  Who would you invite?

2.  Why?

3.  What would you serve?

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t want to invite your spouse or family member. This is to be fun and get us thinking who and why..  I have 6 on my list , but I am pondering over the list and I am sure major changes will be made.  No one should say anything nasty about who we choose. It is just a fun thing to do… We should all enjoy who each other picked  and why they did and what they were serving!   NO BASHING PLEASE !

Think about it and post tonight.  Give it some serious thought I am!!

If you are reading this off Facebook  you feel free to post your answers there or leave a comment in the comments box below  on the blog.

Thank you all for participating! I think it will be fun!  Who knows what surprise some lucky person may receive!!!

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7 Responses to Famous Dinner Guest For Christmas

  1. So people who are no longer alive are eligible?

    Hm, this might be fun. Off to think!
    .-= Carol Logan Newbill´s last blog ..It Might Be Zombies =-.

  2. chris says:

    Ok.. Here I go.. can I be first, can I , can I?

    1. God I want to ask him where he came from and did he have a wife?

    2. Jesus.. I want to make sure everything is ok with me and him and 100 years from now I will be where I am suppose to be and not “hot” with you know who.. I want him to let me be here on earth 100 more years. I have a lot to do!

    3. Janis Joplin.. I was absolutely crazy about her music and still am.. Just today I was rattling the windows while I was by myself. I want to know why she got in the mess she did and would she let me have those round glasses she wore.

    4. Adam I want to know what really happened in the Garden of Eden. I have my thoughts of what the Bible says about it and I want to know if I am right.

    5. Eve.. I want to know why she did what she did and how it felt to be the first recorded woman in the Bible and what were her daughters names? It never mentions their names in the Bible just makes references.

    6. Thomas Jefferson. Since I am supposedly related to him I want to know more about him. I have been to Monticello and love all his inventions. I just want to know more about him and get him to help me with all his gardening tips. He grew great gardens and the seeds from those gardens are still in existance today.. Each year they save the seeds from the crops..

    7. Lawrence Epps.. This is my 5th great grandfather and for over 20 years I have been looking for his father and mother so I can go past him. I want to know why he has been in hiding all these years. I want to see what he looks like.

    8. Elizabeth Creighton Epps. Larry’s wife and I want to know about her because I can not get past her also. I have a vision in my head what she looks like and I want to see if I am right and why has she been hiding from us?

    9. Chelsea Clinton. She is one smart young lady and I admire her. She took a lot of crap when her father was in the White House and she had to listen to a lot about her family and she turned out ok.. In fact she has succeeded in her life. I would like to find out how she deals with things and she is very smart and I just would like to talk to her.

    10. Last but not least.. Gary.. I would be shaking like a leaf being around all these people and he would be there to hold my hand and take notes for me because I would be shaking to hard to write when my ancestors would be telling me their history that I can not find!

    I would serve Wine, Fried Chicken, Pizza, Chocolate Cake, Zero Coke and of course water. When we ran out of water one of the guest knows how to turn water into wine!!!
    NO I AM NOT MAKING FUN OF JESUS!!! I love him!

    I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT.. BIRTHDAY CAKE For me and Jesus.. Our Birthday is the same day.. Only two candles.. his 2009 and my 56 may be to much for the cake!!!!!!!!

  3. Bernadine Riley says:

    1. Michele Obama It would be nice to have a chat with her as part of living history and what she sees in the future of education.
    2. My Hubby love to share the conversation around the table with these famouse people.
    3. Andrea Bocelli my favorite singer how he always looks so mellow.
    4. Ron Howard. I think his movies really reflect people and their passions.
    5. My mom she died when I was very young and it would be nice to see her sitting at our table and listening to share in the conversation.
    6 Linda Fairstein I have read several of her books and I like the backround of museums etc. instead of just charectors.
    7. I would invite a futurist in science and tech what will be in our future.
    8. I would invite Peter Jennings he is so knowledge able in the news.
    9. me
    10.Meryl Streep I thing she could share and lend some humour great actress.

    We Would eat at Richard Gere new restaurant near New York. I am not cooking want to hear all and take photos.

  4. Doreen Defauw says:

    I would invite the following to my special dinner:

    1. Noah. I’d like to hear his take about the responsibilities Jesus/God gave him the task of building the ark and how he managed to keep all those animals happy, safe and sound.
    2. Thomas Jefferson — I’d like to see what he would/could do with today’s technology and how much further he could take it.
    3. Einstein — I’d like to listen in to the topic of conversations he would share with the others at the table.
    4. Johnny Depp — everyone needs a little eye candy…
    5. Frank Sinatra — I love his music…and perhaps he’d like to sing us all a couple of songs.
    6. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor — because she was the first woman to sit on the United States Supreme Court.
    7. My mom – because she passed when I was almost 9.
    8. My dad — because he is now with my mom and I miss him terribly.
    9. My sister – because I’d love to share this with her/
    10. My kids (2 of them) because they are our future.

    I would serve sushi and udon noodle soup for starters to be followed with steak, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, tossed salad with lots of fresh veggies, fresh baked bread, herbal teas and for dessert, blueberry pie w/ vanilla ice cream and cheese cake.

  5. Heyoka Lynn says:

    I would ask Abraham Lincoln–I am sort of a Lincoln Scholar, and have masses of Lincoln memorobilia, and paintings and he fascinates me, and of course, Mary, as she was a FABRIC-AHOLIC and had trunks of fabric when she passed away, and then I would have my Mamo, of course, and Taylor Caldwell, as I am curious as to how she managed to get her historical facts so perfect in her historical fiction..I think Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) would add to the wit, and you would be remiss if you didn’t ask Will Rogers, as he knows the truth of the robber baron years and the “players” in politics, and I have his entire collection of books, and Tecumseh, and Geronimo, and Little Running Bear. And we would have scampi and champagne and pine nuts and cheesecake and brocolli (how does one spell broccoli?–oh, that was correct, lol) and we’d have sweet southern iced tea and pecan pie and also chocolate truffle cake, and I guess I would ask them ahead of time what they all like, haha..I also would want George Ball, the UnderSec of State for International Economics, to explain his BIOGRAPHY!!!!!!! haha, and let Will and Mark and Abe after him.

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