Floriani Floral Fantasy Program

Yesterday I had to take my Dream Machine in to the shop. It was my fault. I broke a needle and then I put a new one in and did not get it up all the way probably and when I tried to use the automatic threader it bent the thing that threads. I will admit to my shortcomings!

I have had numerous eye surgeries in the last four years and my eyes are ok long distance but up close I can not see without readers and that tiny hole in the needle was getting smaller by the minute so I just loaded it up put it in the car took it to Huntsville, Al to Huntsville Sew and Vac where I purchased it.

I had over an hour drive and the service man fixed it for me while I was there and I am greatful for that. I shopped while he worked. I came home with the Floriani Floral Fantasy Program. It is packed full of designs I like.

I decided to open a pack of flour sack dishcloths I have and those things are almost big enough to go on top of my table for a cover. I decided to use one of those for the test on the program. I put the butterfly in the middle of the cloth and on all four corners I am going to add something different. So far I have added a cat. I really like the design and you can see in the pictures below how beautifully it stitches out. I am really enjoying all the Floriani products that I have. I think I will stick to this brand. Their thread is really great quality and so beautiful. I think in the future you will see a shirt full of these designs. This is my kind of thing.

I hope you are not getting tired of my posts. I am living a very happy dream with my Brother Dream Machine. It does not take a lot to make me happy and I am not one of these people that stay in the malls buying everything in sight. I do however like my sewing and my machines. I did leave two at Huntsville to be serviced that has never been used that I am going to offer for sale. I did want them serviced to make sure nothing was wrong even though they never been used. Sitting up sometimes will ruin a good thing. I will let you all know about those later.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I am so proud. I have zero confidence. I am afraid of my shadow but this year I have come out of my shell, attending sewing classes, conferences, genealogy classes at Wallace State. You name it I may be involved. I was out after dark the other night in Hoover at Joanns taking a T-shirt quilt class. I have three more to attend. I really enjoyed it and the instructor. Two of the ladies in there were working on regular quilts and I enjoyed their company. I think someone has taken over my body! This is so not me out and about with people.

IMG_0093 IMG_0092 IMG_0091 IMG_0090

I am not showing you the bobbins. You see that color slide. When it is time to change colors the machine will change to the color the pattern calls for so if you are not sure what the color you need is you can compare. You do not have to use the colors they suggest. You can edit and it will show those new colors. IMG_0089 IMG_0087 IMG_0095

I love my BABY!!!! IMG_0097

Do you know what this is?? A CAT. It will be going on one corner and the other three will have something different. I will show you tomorrow when I finish.IMG_0098 IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0101

I love my cat! I will show you more tomorrow. I am in love!! I am so glad Precious suggested that I buy it when I was telling him all it would do!

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2 Responses to Floriani Floral Fantasy Program

  1. Deara Myers says:

    I just can’t believe the work you are doing…..absolutely gorgeous. So glad you got this machine, you can play all you want to. Everything is so pretty!!!!


  2. chris says:

    I am so happy. I just love creating and enjoying every second of working on the machine.
    Just think you will get presents with designs on it.. Whatcha want?