Freak Accident And It Involves Me!

No one would believe this except Gary and he was here to witness it.. I know now why I am not an early person. I got up this morning and at 5 am I decided to open day before yesterdays mail.  I was opening one of those  advertising things that comes in the blastic bags.  Well some inserts fell out of it, I bent over to pick them up stood up and whamo…hit myself in the eye with the paper.  Dont ask me now I cant even comprehend myself. I do know as soon as the worker that is here leaves, we are off to the Eye Foundation Clinic in Birmingham. I either have a severe paper cut or scratched eye. But whatever it is…  It is rough!  I am typing this with my eyes closed so if any mistakes I will correct later.  To top it off I have not even begin to tell you about yesterday when I took 10 rocks to the face and ate a potting soil bag of dirt.

So if you dont see me on line for a while you kinow why. I cant see!   To be continued…..

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5 Responses to Freak Accident And It Involves Me!

  1. GerryART says:

    Gee, what’s new with you ?!?!?!

    I truly hope that this is not a serious injury.
    I’ll keep Positive Thoughts going for you.

    Ate a bag of potting soil dirt . . .

    Hugs & ???s,
    .-= GerryART´s last blog ..Off the Library Shelf =-.

  2. Ouch!! Oh Chris- must be very sore. I am very sensitive about eyes as I have an eye condition which means I have to attend to them several times a day. I hope your eye gets better soon. I planted some of my Broad beans yesterday.Have a photo on my Blog when you can see to go there.Wishing you all the best with the trip to the clinic.
    .-= Judith McCarthy´s last blog ..Little Projects =-.

  3. Maggie says:

    hope you are better soon, Chris! we need you!

  4. Deara says:

    Chris, I certainly hope nothing serious is wrong
    with your eye. You know we can’t put a band-aid
    there and hope it gets well. I’ve been out of
    town and just now getting caught up with all your
    happenings. I’ve had withdrawal, can’t do without y
    your blog for long. Keep us posted.

  5. chris says:

    Everyone.. EYE IS PERFECT!! Thank you for all being concerned.