FREEBIRDS November 25, 2008

I have two great friends,Susan and EIleen..  I have known Susan for about 20 years and Eileen for about 5.  We are all housewives, and I will say I am proud to claim that occupation. It is such a rewarding job. We sew together and one day we called ourselves the Freebirds and the name stuck. I am the oldest so I am Bird Sr. Eileen is Bird Jr. and Susan is Bird III.  I have often said I am glad that we did not go to school together because we would have been grounded every week. We have one ringleader Susan, Eileen and myself just follow her lead. They are so much fun to be with. Gary took all 3 of us to the American Quilters Society in Nashville this summer. I was a semi-finalist in the show. I was so proud. I did not win a ribbon but I was a winner when I was accepted in this juried show. We now refer to Gary as “our husband.”

 I entered a quilt called Eureka. It was from a pattern by Jackie Robinson of Animas. Check out for more information on her patterns and see some of the quilts that have been made from her designs. Awesome.  Enjoy these pictures from the trip.

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