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White Vinegar Rinse

I used to buy cream rinse for my hair after I had shampooed. It conditioned my hair quite well. However, it also cost money. It wasn’t a lot, but it is the nickels and dimes that do our budget in. Now, I use a water and white vinegar solution at one part vinegar to four parts of water. I do not rinse out the vinegar and water solution from my hair. This leaves my hair and scalp with no soap residue. My hair seems to have more life after using this solution, and it leaves it soft, shiny, and very manageable. There is no smell of vinegar left in my hair.

When I have finished applying the vinegar and water solution to my hair after shampooing, my hair does not feel nice, but when my hair is dry, it is soft, shiny, and full of life. It feels very clean and well conditioned for a fraction of the cost of cream rinse. This solution also really cleans your scalp.

I buy white vinegar in a large container as I also use it for cleaning windows and mopping my laminate floor. There is just a myriad of things that I use white vinegar for.

The above tip came from  This is a great informative site I get emails from about frugal living.  Also once a week or so if you will take some vinegar and wet your hair and then rub a handful of baking soda in your hair with the vinegar it will fizz up and strip out all the hairspray and gel that the shampoo does not get. Your hair will be sparkling clean .  We used to do this as kids and I have continued in my adult life. It gets rid of the gunky stuff that sticks to our hair. Gives it shiny life again. Squeeky clean. Just shampoo as you normally do rinse and then put the vinegar rinse on and rub in the baking soda. VERY EASY.

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  1. Joan J says:

    This is so strange. I *just* read another blog, “Trenches of Mommyhood” where she’s talking about different ways she uses vinegar (and how to use orange peels to make an orange scented vinegar for cleaning) and now your wonderful idea. I guess I’m going to have to go invest in a few gallons of vinegar! Thanks for sharing this. I’ll definitely be trying it.

    In case you want to read her vinegar post, you can find Trenches of Mommyhood here: . No affiliation – just sharing the info!
    Joan J´s last blog post ..20 Weird Things…

  2. Patti Graham says:

    Vinegar can be a valuable addition to your daily beauty routine.

    Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a hair rinse. Afer shampooing your hair, apply approximately one ounce (or enough to cover your hair and scalp) and massage gently into scalp. Leave the vinegar rinse on for one to three minutes and then rinse well with warm water. Do treatment once every week or two. Any sooner might cause dry hair. Vinegar can improve cleanliness and shine as it neutralizes the alkali left by most shampoos.