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Not only do I have a good friend as my web master, I have one that is very smart. There is nothing that she has not been able to do that I ask for. She is always looking out for me. Made in America articles, Frugal living articles.

Today in my email box she sent me this link  this article is “13 Ways To Eat On A Budget.”  After you read that click home and the top and give Rosa’s blog a chance. Very nice and informative about food and cooking.  Check the above article out for those of you who are trying to be frugal in your life.


A gastronome’s guide to mindful eating. A serious approach to real-food shopping, cooking, and dining.

Now look to the right on my blog and you will see a link to go to Carol Logan Newbill. Check her out. If you need anyone she is the one.


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