Garden of Eden!

Well it is not the Garden of Eden yet but we are working on it. 

My primitive garden is coming along quite well. I have 30 thousand Creeping Thyme seeds on their way to fill in the naked spots.

Part of my primitive garden.

The hosta's are peeking their heads up. They are suppose to get big. I am looking for all varieties of Hosta's this year to fill up the shady spot.

This was an old concrete bench out of my mother's flower garden. It is crumbly in parts but does well to showcase flowers. I have to get something to plant in the dirt underneath it. I just have not found exactly what I want.

Miss Nosey who goes by Priscilla Mae. Remember my former friend?? She opened up a gash on my hand two weeks ago and still tries to get me. We have not made up yet. I tried but she slapped and carried on I just figured it is not the right time to "Kiss and Makeup."

Lantana.. I just love it.. On the back of the house I planted 3 window boxes. I have not had them in years. I found these great planters at Dollar General.

I love the way the boxes look on the windows.

I needed some big planters outside of my sunroom. I decided to get these tubs for $8.00 at Dollar general. Of course they would be to heavy completely full of soil, so Gary and Jonathan who works in our yard, filled them half up with leaves and compacted it down, then put a couple layers of newpaper and then filled up the rest of the way with Black Cow plant mix. Works beautifully! Thanks guys you have the yard looking so good.

Gosh I love a man who will willingly water plants! This is my husband Gary aka Spanky.

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