Gene Simmons Of Kiss I Have A Proposition For You! Shannon Will Be Ok With It!

I heard today on Magic 96.5 FM that KISS is coming to the Oak Mountain Amphitheater in July. I nearly ran my car off the road! Everyone that reads this quilting blog from time to time know I go a little off the subject of sewing, creating, cleaning and cooking to my dark side meaning that I am always talking about my hearts desire ..a pair of the Demon Destroyer Boots size 8.5 ladies.

Ok I was thinking today since I don’t fly that I along with Gary could drive to LA and I would clean the Simmons abode for a week for a pair of these boots. They could even film me on my hands and knees in the latrine scrubbing! I don’t care . I am not too good to work for what I want.  So Shannon no need to worry, that is the ONLY proposition I would be making Gene.. Let me clean your house, you give me a pair of boots. He does not even have to be there. I could just clean and talk with you while I worked. Let me warn you. You would have to do a voice over because I sound just like Ellie Mae Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies!

Seriously I have always wanted a pair of these boots. I can see Aunt Jan rolling her eyes now.

To all you KISS FANS go to for details or you can always go to the below link to get your tickets and get ready to ROCK AND ROLL!


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3 Responses to Gene Simmons Of Kiss I Have A Proposition For You! Shannon Will Be Ok With It!

  1. Leslie says:

    I bet if you watch ebay or kijiji or 2nd hand shops, you might get lucky and find a pair!
    that is if you really, really, do want a pair!
    Good luck, take care, leslie
    Leslie´s last blog post ..Bloggers Quilt Festival!

  2. chris says:


  3. Janice Myers says:

    You know me WELL!!!!!!