Ghost of Easter Past!

Wilbur Studdard, Blake Studdard, Marion Studdard, Terry Studdard. CHECK OUT THAT ABRAHAM LINCOLN HAT!

Chris (Me)

Terry Studdard (cousin) Karen (IT, sister) Chris (me)

Marion Studdard ( Aunt) Terry Studdard (cousin)

Terry Studdard (cousin)

Wilbur Studdard (uncle) Terry Studdard (cousin) Wilbur Studdard ( uncle) Terry Studdard (cousin) Marion Studdard (aunt) Check out that hat!!!!

Chris (me) and Karen (IT , sister)

Chris Epps, Karen Epps, David Epps, Terry Studdard, Steve Hightower. Chris, Karen and David, brother and sisters, Terry and Steve are our cousins.

Terry Studdard (cousin) Wilbur Studdard (uncle)

Karen Epps (IT, Sister) Terry Studdard (cousin) Chris Epps (me) Front Row Scott Hightower, Tommy Epps, Blake Studdard, Back Row L to R Steve Hightower, Terry Studdard, Karen Epps, Chris Epps, David Epps Steve Hightower, Terry Studdard, David Epps

Karen Epps (It) Chris Epps, Sisters! AND TO THIS DAY I FAIRLY DESPISE A HAT!


Back Row David Epps, Chris Epps, Karen Epps, Terry Studdard, Steve Hightower, Front Row L to R Blake Studdard, Tommy Epps, Scott Hightower

Chris Epps

Karen Epps (It)

Sadie Fitzpatrick ( Granny) Holding Scott Hightower, L to R Terry Studdard, Steve Hightower, Chris Epps, Sheila Fitzpatrick

Sadie Fitzpatrick (Granny) Scott Hightower and Steve Hightower behind Scott.

Sheila Fitzpatrick, Dean Fitzpatrick

Chris Epps

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